Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part II

Man in swimsuit shiny pantyhose latex hood in showerSee part I

Here’s the next series of photos. Now with some liquid soap. Soap is not just a fantastic lubricant but it also adds the thinnest shiny slippery film to the picture. A fetish on itself it perfectly complements any lycra or latex outfit.

Probably only J-Lube can compete with soap on the effect (not on the availability, though πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part II”

  1. Oh dear… Ra is STILL playing around in the shower!

    This is starting to sound just like one of my sessions, where all the planning and preperation takes hours and then there is only enough time for 10 minutes of self-bondage πŸ™

    Either that or Ra is just a big tease! :-()


  2. Hang on.. The most interesting part is gigabytes ahead πŸ˜‰

    Remember I told you that the whole session takes 4GB? I was wrong. it’s 6.5GB. One night – 550 photos ;-D

  3. 550 photos!

    But I do know how it is – I’ve got multiple Gb of video and it takes me ages to select a shot, process it (OK- take out the background stuff) and then find time to write a short report for you folks.

    It’s just anticipation πŸ™‚

    Plus the fact that I can’t find any time for a session of my own! I’ve only managed one since the start of the year and that was a very short 15 minute play… πŸ™


  4. it takes me ages to

    … exactly… :-\ Everything takes time, money and energy… And this is all for the:


    imagination creates anticipation, anticipation provokes imagination. I’m good at imagination. Pass me time, money and energy, please. No, no sugar.

    Yeah, tired …


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