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Happy New Year!

goomnicks39_new_year_rocket_by_arrakisart-d708hl4Happy New Year!

And be careful with fireworks…

By Lady Arrakis

Children and fetishes. Or don’t let this happen to you. Or “Do you know…”

dildo-nose-01The proper title should, probably, sound as “Children and YOUR fetishes” ;-)

Just a warning. Are you sure that your kids do not know where your toybox is and what you keep in it? Do you actually know, what your children know?

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Demotivators of the day. Homophobia: The Fear That…

homophobia-01“Homophobia – the fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women”

This picture made my day. We definitely need more of them for every stupid social phenomenon. YEs, I know that the image does not cover all cases, but it’s a good beginning.

Source: Cheezburger

Two random images

two-random-images-01These two images randomly appeared on the right side of the web-page :D

The first is from White fishnet pantyhose, red shoes and a black photocamera, the second is from Flexy girls and blue latex semi-zentai. Sandy. Part I.

Fun ;)

Family planning advice

rear-entry-01Hmmm.. Indeed…

Interesting gags on eBay. Chastity gag

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Yes! Finally! Someone has admitted that sex can be enjoyed not only genitally, but also using other natural cavities, for example, orally. What means that this “area” must be chastised as well.

Hence this simple device, called “chastity gag“. For both males and females (sounds logical, doesn’t it?)

But what I do not understand, is how this thing can be used to “enforce chastity”: [read more…]

What is squeaking there in the corner? “Durex” condom commercial (also with bloopers)

Kids, smartphones and Internet is a dangerous mix ;-) This is what my son showed me yesterday.

A funny kamasutrish (kamasutrean? kamasutral? kamasutristic? ) commercial by Süperfad team. Get yourself a pack of condoms and be creative. He-he… :D

Official video:

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Family, Kids and fetish moments. Pantyhose again

I was driving when I noticed a woman in black sheer pantyhose on the other side of the road:

Wife: He-he-he…
Son: What? Pantyhose again?

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Family, Kids and fetish moments. Bondage

Our dialogue from yesterday:

Me (meaning another language): How do you pronounce “bandage”?
Daughter (big eyes): ??????
Me: With “a” not with “o”, you pervert!
Daughter (doubles over in hysterical laughter): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Hey, nothing funny! I meant “knee bandage”!
Daughter (catching breath): Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I thought you should know how to pronounce “bondage”!

See also: Family, friends, colleagues and fetish moments or Home together

Washing machine fun

Ever tried to combine washing with some fun? Must confess, I did. Not by sitting on it, but by standing in front ;-)

Via Discovery Erotic (Google+)