The thinnest transparent latex legwear ever

transparent latex condom socksHow would you describe the ultimate sheer tights? What should the look like? I would say very thin, very tight, no wrinkles, no “sparks” on the “edge”, just a thin razor sharp stripe of the reflected light, very transparent like a film. Latex is an obvious choice here (see Transparent rubber tights forum thread and latex pantyhose on eBay).

The only downside of latex is those pesky air-bubbles… To get rid of them the rubber must be very thin, very transparent and very tight. See where I’m going?

Condoms! If not pantyhose or stockings, condoms can be used as socks. And they come in different colours and flavours (I have another strange dream – latex/condom covered foot as a gag ;-P )

See 29 photos below.

3 thoughts on “The thinnest transparent latex legwear ever”

  1. Culmor ” wrote:

    The links here

    Oh, thanks for mentioning the thread! I remember that there should be one, but I forgot where 😉

    Culmor ” wrote:

    There is still a Flickr group

    Yeah, almost empty. I like the rules:

    “Only clean unused condoms!”

    I never not thought about that, but after the disclaimer, I am now ;D

  2. Just love the look, especially where the toes are indiviually in latex. One must be very careful when putting these on? Where are these available

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