Hotel maids. Myths, fiction, art and reality. Part II

bound french maids in latexSee Part I

French maids are often depicted wearing extremely high heels or bound, what (logically thinking) would affect their ability to perform their duties. In some cases high heels do help (squatting, for example, is easier if you are wearing heels), but bondage never helps much (only one exception comes to my mind – a proper gag decreases the amount of noise).

If maids do not perform (how can you perform if your hands are bound?) they are punished. The punishment usually includes more bondage and tight fetish clothes (corsets, latex, hoods), what further diminishes the maids performance.

12 drawings below

5 thoughts on “Hotel maids. Myths, fiction, art and reality. Part II”

  1. Thinking about it for a few minutes I came to a conclusion:

    what if the maids weren’t allround maids, but were to perform a specific function?

    For example, a maid bringing drinks, only needs one arm. The other one can be tied behind her back. (Against a karada…)
    The maid that takes the orders doesn’t need hands to begin with. Just good memory. ^_^
    And if the maid isn’t supposed to walk very fast, what’s to stop you from linking her ankles?

    Punishment doesn’t have to be permanent. Maybe some time in suspended bondage in the bar / lounge of the hotel.

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