Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

Chinese Puzzle

This story was referred to (and attached as a Word document) in the What is your bondage or self-bondage dream? thread. For convenience I’m republishing it separately.

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Children and fetishes. Or don’t let this happen to you. Or “Do you know…”

dildo-nose-01The proper title should, probably, sound as “Children and YOUR fetishes” ;-)

Just a warning. Are you sure that your kids do not know where your toybox is and what you keep in it? Do you actually know, what your children know?

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Contemporary pin-up or black&white vs colour

high-heels-12When I found this photo I was going to publish it with a remark, that this girl definitely looks happier (see It’s all about eyes, isn’t it?). Besides it’s just a great contemporary pin-up image with a beautiful girl in high-heels and a hint of pantyhose.

But then I’ve found another photo (see below). What do you think? ;)

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Unusual, weird or completely unsuitable gags

unusual-gag-01-duckHave you seen any drawings, photos, descriptions of strange gags? Or possibly used one? Or dreamed about? Please let us know in this forum thread:

Strange, weird or totally inappropriate gags

Shiny pantyhose and paradise

candid-pantyhose-389-shinyWhere is this place? Close to paradise somewhere? I’m afraid if I saw these girls by myself, I could not make any photos, or anything at all. I would simply faint…

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Two random images

two-random-images-01These two images randomly appeared on the right side of the web-page :D

The first is from White fishnet pantyhose, red shoes and a black photocamera, the second is from Flexy girls and blue latex semi-zentai. Sandy. Part I.

Fun ;)

It’s all about eyes, isn’t it?

eye-makeup-fetish-21Tell me, what did you notice first? Eyes, lips, hair, absence of pantyhose or anything else? Fetishes differ, don’t they? ;)

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Erection of the day. Naughty beauty and condom

condom-girl-01So simple, so powerful, so naughty, so pervy. Love it…

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“Bizarre Hardware” shop is for sale

bizarre-hardware-01“Bizarre Hardware” shop is for sale on eBay. Included is “a list of all the suppliers needed for store products and material stock valued at over 8000 euros.”

I was thinking about opening a shop (or at least sell what I do not need anymore ;), but just as the current owner I never had enough time (and courage). Is anybody interested?

Japanese bondage face-slimmer

bondage-face-flimmer-01Only the Japanese can invent and put into production such a device. What a cross between bondage, niku benki, manga, simplicity and specific humor.

The idea is to make muscles exercise what should reduce wrinkles. Just 3 minutes a day, they say. Am I the only one who thinks that this device can help reducing jaw strain during oral sex? :D

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