Why do men like chastity cages?

Boy in white stockings in bondage and chastity device

Boy in white stockings in bondage and chastity deviceUpdated on Oct 28, 2017 @ 23:55
I think I understand the physics of the process. Having something on/around/in our genitals, stimulates and draws our attention to them. In other words, chastity devices help keeping a constant arousal state, that cannot be eliminated by simple masturbation. Yes, orgasm can be achieved by using vibrators, but not when we might want it most. For example, not in the office, on the street, in a shop, in a company, etc. If the chastity cage in inescapable, even after a successful masturbation session, it will remain locked on the genitals, providing stimulation again and again.

So, it might be extra attention to the genitals, that results in a light state of arousal. Does anybody have other ideas? Apart from “We want mostly what we can’t get?” What is also true.

Originally posted on Jul 12, 2016 @ 14:55
Why are we so aroused by getting ourselves (or even thinking about this) into chastity devices? Shouldn’t it be exactly the opposite?

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  1. Arousal by making it difficult to fufill sexual desires on a normal basis. When the device is removed, you are no longer inhibited and thus can fufill it without the previous frustration, making it more potent.

    The alternative is putting the device on someone else. Exclusive access.

  2. How do you all keep entertained when tied, I get bored easily so I just get turned off after a while

  3. Keep struggling, it’s all there is to be said, the more you struggle, the more you get turned on

  4. Love the art. Any idea who the artist is? Would love to see more of the stuff.

  5. Anonymous ” wrote:

    Artist is Argrim. Alot of his art is on Deviantart, but i think he has a tumblr or something where he posts stuff DA doesn’t allow.

  6. First comment for the win – as a long-time devotee of erotic denial, the tension produced by wanting to get off and not being able to heightens the ultimate orgasm, if not fun on its own; c.f. edging.

  7. New guy ” wrote:

    Just send yourself the key in the mail. Not knowing when you’ll be released is part of the fun. You’ll be so horny and frustrated, the last thing you’ll be is bored.

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