Random thoughts on crossdressing and bondage

A crossdresser in a French maid outfit, black pantyhose and a chastity belt

A crossdresser in a French maid outfit, black pantyhose and a chastity beltTo get excited we dress in something interesting. Think of sheer back-seamed stockings, shiny pantyhose, tight swimsuits or leotards, latex catsuits, high heels, you named it. (Not many males consider such things “normal” clothes, that do not pump blood into the proper places). But then we add chastity devices, tightly bind ourselves (or someone put you in an inescapable bondage, if you are lucky), to prevent masturbation.

Hm… Yes, OK, sounds logical…

20 thoughts on “Random thoughts on crossdressing and bondage”

  1. I love this idea, I do it all the time. But now share my experiences on webchat…

  2. I cross dress and tie myself up.. leave my keys miles away and have to travel outside in public to retrieve them ;x.. such a turn on

  3. I always crossdress in my black pantyhose over my legs and arms, and use the pantyhose as a sleepsack method to restrain myself, always sleep like this, and my girlfriend often plays with me as well.

  4. I am absolutely a fan of dressing me up in woman clothes, pantyhose, bra, dress or skirt. My cock and balls are minimized with duct tape or pulled between my legs with a rope. After that I am feeling very girlish and horny.

  5. I like to wear stockings, panties and a bra. I’ll usually tuck and tape to keep my bits hidden. I also shaved my whole body

  6. I wish I had the guts to go out in public. I wear women’s Keds with shorts. I have many latex outfits that I wear around the house or drive around in. Love the suck pants and wish I had men willing to be in the pants.

  7. Definately in the hood! I love the story about the pants and would pay to have that experience! Often fantasize about several men stepping in to the pants, unloading in my throat, then the next one for about 20. i also use numbing gel with my dildos to get 16 inches in my thriat.

  8. go to ebay: rubberaut latex and bid on clothes. they are cheap, but good

  9. There should really be a section of this site where we could upload ourselves tied up and stuff like that so the others could see and comment


  11. Love this pic, I remember the first time my partner told me I was going to wear one. It was all a bit fiddly, but I managed. I wore red panties over the cage and wore my Murray and Verne rubber dress over it . When working around the house I was forced to wear it while I cleaned, I got used to it quickly and had no discomfort.Wearing a Rubber Mackintosh in Summer as. Punishment was all a bit sweaty but Devine.

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