Wizards and stockings

witch in stockings

According to my wife this quote from “The Eagle’s Gift” by Carlos Castaneda is about me:

Then we strolled in silence for half a block. I was tongue-tied. Suddenly Nelida pointed to a store and asked us to wait just an instant because she had to pick up a box of nylons that they were holding for her there. She peered at me, smiling, her eyes shining, and told me that, all kidding aside, sorcery or no sorcery, she had to wear nylons and lace panties.

Don Juan and don Genaro laughed like two idiots. I stared at Nelida because I could not do anything else. There was something about her that was utterly earthly and yet she was almost ethereal.

She kiddingly told don Juan to hold on to me because I was about to pass out.

Yes, despite (or thanks to? ;P ) various practices and martial arts, I simply must wear shiny pantyhose and tight swimsuits 😀

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