“Self-bondage peril. Part III” by Akabane85

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The school was empty on the weekend.

The only person Rainnie had seen so far was the guard, snoring away in his little guard house, dead to the world.

“Where is that girl?” Rainnie asked herself yet again as she scoured the campus for her friend. “She was the one who asked me for this morning practice!”

After several more minutes of looking around, Rainnie was beginning to think the girl had forgotten about their meeting. The longer she wandered around the school, the more she suspected this to be the case.

“Whatever, I’ll get changed first then look for her some more. Maybe she’s in the locker room.”
With a sigh, Rainnie headed towards the woman’s locker room. It was empty, and the sound of her footsteps echoed across the room as she made her way to her locker. Before she got there, something caught her eye.

“Isn’t this that missing girl’s locker? Why is there a note?” Rainie wondered out loud. She picked up the note and read it.

“Seems she left her keys here. I bet she’s at home looking for them like crazy! I’ll call her and let her know I found them,” Rainnie thought with a smile. She took out her phone to make a call.
As soon as she heard the dial tone, she was startled by the sound of a phone ringing behind her! She turned around, recognizing it as the ringtone for her friend’s phone. More than that, it was coming from inside her friend’s locker!

“Oh my gosh… don’t tell me she even left her…” before she could finish her words, she was interrupt by a thudding sound. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that the locker door was vibrating on its own! She felt the impulse to run and get the guard, but instead she steeled her nerves to stay here to find out what was in the locker.

“Hello? Is there anyone in there?” Rainnie asked nervously, wondering if someone could actually be inside that locker. How would it be possible for someone to remain stuck in there for more than a few minutes?

To her surprise, a strange muffled feminine sound answered her! Rainnie was shocked, and her eyes widened like saucers.

“Sunny… don’t tell me it’s you in there?!” Rainnie asked. Another muffled sound came from the locker, as though to answer her question ‘yes.’

“Oh my god… No matter what or who you are, I will go get the keys to get you out of there! Just stay there.”

Rainnie rushed out of the room and dialled the number of the girl who had the keys to that specific locker.

Luckily the girl was staying nearby and happily passed the keys to Rainnie. Rainnie was sweating from running back and forth so much, but she was very curious to see who or what was in that locker! She took a deep breath and unlocked the small door.

She was stunned by what happened next. She was no longer frightened; she was more excited and anxious like a girl opening her Christmas presents earlier than she was supposed to.

Sunny was inside the locker, gagged and trapped in that tiny space since Friday night! The unfortunate girl at least didn’t have any permanent injuries or long-term damage from her imprisonment; she was just exhausted, sweaty and cramped all over her youthful body.

Rainnie slowly helped her friend out of her metal prison, moving her so she could sit on the ground in a more comfortable position. But she doesn’t want to untie her just yet, so instead she just inspected her friend thoroughly to see what sort of predicament she was in. Sunny felt so embarrassed, she blushed madly and couldn’t bear to make eye contact as Rainnie examined every inch of her lithe, trussed up figure.

Sunny finally managed a muffled moan, hoping that Rainnie would help her out of the predicament. Rainnie ignored her friend – she found this thrilling in a way she couldn’t quite understand at the moment.

“Did you do this on your own? I mean putting on the suit and cuffs?” Rainnie asked.

Sunny hesitated a bit and nodded her head weakly. Using her chin, she pointed at the keys and the remote control, hoping that her friend would untie her. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take – having Rainnie there added a new layer of humiliation on top of her physical discomfort.

“So these are the keys to your little setup?”

Rainnie picked up the keys and inspected them for a short while, then continued:
“You’re into bondage right? You do look lovely like this!”

Sunny was shocked by what she had just heard. She never knew Rainnie was also into bondage!
“I’m kind of a nice person, I don’t like to ruin other people’s fun!” Rainnie teased, removing the belt from the cuffs.

Sunny thought she was about to be released from bondage, but her heart sunk when she heard a loud click behind her! Instead of freeing her, Sunny had just put her in different and even more stringent bondage!

She turned her head around as best she could and saw that Rainnie had locked the three D-links from her cuffs and her armbinder together!

Sunny looked up to her friend, and her blood ran cold when she saw the girl’s evil grin.
Before Sunny could protest, Rainnie forced her to lay on the ground on her stomach with her feet folded backwards. Rainnie attached the cuffs on Sunny’s ankles to the D-ring on her ballgag, forcing her head upward to form a strict hogtie! Added to her predicament, the keys to her freedom were dangling from the cable that connected her gag to her ankles: they would jingle and move but the girl couldn’t do anything with them!

“When you are done with your little kinky game, come meet me up for the practice! The keys are right there,” Rainnie said before leaving to change.

Sunny was desperate to escape, but the keys remained totally outside of her reach. Somehow it added to her torment knowing they were so close but she was helpless to do anything about it.

Sunny groaned pitifully, hoping her friend would set her free but the cruel girl just ignored her. Rainnie did eventually return, and looked down into her friend’s horrified eyes from above.
“Calm down sweetie,” Rainnie said with surprising tenderness.

“Here’s the deal: I will leave you here until I finish with the practice. If you agree to play, I will let YOU tie ME up next time. If you don’t agree, just shake your head and I will let you out right now. Believe it or not, I don’t want you to get hurt,” Rainnie explained. She was stroking her friend’s hair as she spoke.

Sunny hesitated.

She looked at her friend who was now clad in a white gymnastic leotard that emphasised her body’s curves. White stockings covered her long, muscular legs all the way down to her cute little feet. As she admired her friend’s supple little body, images of Rainnie in strict bondage flooded her mind – it was tempting in the extreme to think what sort of punishment that gymnast’s body could take.

It was one of Sunny’s deepest fantasies to put Rainnie in a nice and tight bondage! At the same time, her body was eager for an escape and she was uncertain if she could hold out for another one or two hours. Finally, she decided she would give anything to get Rainnie all trussed up, and she nodded her head to agree to the game.

Rainnie raised her eyebrows when she saw that Sunny could actually take more of this — did Sunny want to put her into bondage that badly? The thought of her being tied up by her friend made her blush and she could a lovely warmth building in her womanhood beneath that tight, virginal white neoprene. She decided to leave before her friend could put together how exciting she found this.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure that the door is locked so that other people won’t find you here.” Rainnie said as she hurried out of the room, practically slamming the door behind her.

Sunny was still in bondage, alone, and in a very uncomfortable position. But this time, she was no longer worried of being trapped until she died. In fact, Sunny was giggling behind the gag! Judging by Rainnie’s reaction, maybe the two shared a hidden desire…

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