Family, kids, fetish moments and shiny pantyhose

I’m almost never bare legged and almost never without pantyhose. And the last vacation was not an exception. The weather was on the hot side, so I was wearing breeches with shiny pantyhose (German nur Die Hüft 15, French Well Elastivoile Satine 19, Dutch Vroom & Dreesman 12 ).

The good thing about pantyhose is that they “normalize” the environment. If it’s too hot, they spread and evaporate sweat and protect your skin from sticking to everything from seats to dirt. If it’s cold they keep warmth. If wet they dry very quickly. And they look cool!

But if you wear nylons literally 24×7, you stop noticing them (you do notice when you do not have them on). But what about the others? I can’t say anything, I see no reaction from other people (Frankly speaking, I do not need any reaction, I do not care. I wear pantyhose not for the others, but because *I* love them!). And I know that if you look from a distance pantyhose “disappear”, the shine is usually visible from above and when the light source is directly behind you.

I even asked my wife and the kids. My daughter said, that my pantyhose ARE visible (especially the shine), my son does not care much, but according to my wife some people look at my legs with interest 😉

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5 thoughts on “Family, kids, fetish moments and shiny pantyhose”

  1. aah from t4m ” wrote:

    Respect for your courage.

    Once you start wearing pantyhose on a “permanent basis”, almost no courage needed. They become a part of your body 😉

  2. I totally agree, if Idont have them on it feels strange, I am real new to pantyhose, only 2 weeks, and Idontwanttoe without them

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