Cover-all latex sleeveless and inflatable leotards for self-bondage

Tight sleeveless leotards you wear over your arms (so the arms are inside the leotard) is my another (self-)bondage dream. And every time I stumble across such thing as, for example, inflatable latex leotard (on the left) from god96tw or 1st Latex Catsuit stores or the suit Strappado found on eBay (see Special Catsuit forum thread ) my mind begin to work on finding a way to use it alone.

Or in combination with suck pants, what offers much more interesting combinations, less problems with getting in and getting stuck, but does require a male partner. Just imagine the look and the feelings …. But my imagination got me distracted again.

My first experience with sleeveless leotards I got about 15 years ago, thanks to my girlfriend who made me a hooded suit out of stretchy velvet (see Sleeveless lycra leotard with closed mask). It look and feels great, but does not offer much in terms of bondage. The person inside must be bound before or after putting the suits on. The former implies a partner (need to post the black&white images from that session), the latter problems with getting free.

Then I stumbled upon a sleeveless latex biketard in the “Blackbody” shop in Amsterdam. I was very tempted to try one on, but was too shy to ask the personnel (the guys are VERY friendly and helpful, BTW) to help me in.

But even the biketard looked not tight enough to prevent arms to sneak of of the intended position. Inflatable Demask suits were so insanely expensive, that I even did could not think about them.

Another step to a working solution I made using a water-polo swimsuit and lycra shorts as a single-glove worn inside the swimsuit (see Cycling shorts single-glove self-bondage method and Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part VIII. Swimsuit self-bondage in the shower).

And now the leotards on eBay. OK, let me think out loud about all pros and contras:

+ not overly expensive, the 2nd shop even offers 10% discount
+ they can be made to measure for free
+ the girl on the photo is Asian, probably the suits on the photos are real
+ the feedback is overly positive
+ an added waist belt will make the suit much more restrictive
+ Chinese quality is improving with every year
+ the dream might come true

– no photos from the rear
– not clear if the suit is fully double-layered
– the specified thickness is 0.45 in one shop and 0.8 in another. I would prefer the inner layer 0.45 and the outer 0.8
– the shoulder part looks strange. Probably to keep arms folded and hands up at the sides?
– Chinese quality varies greatly
– the delivery price is high
– the valve design is unknown
– the price is still high to buy, try and throw out if something is incurably wrong.

My ideas for arms position are (behind the back, of course):

o- Japanese box style
o- reverse prayer
o- crossed with elbows touching, hands on waist
o- triangle style with elbows touching and hands close to shoulders

How to get in and out if used for selfbondage

Ideally, the zip should have two lockable sliders with two pullers – one inside, one outside.

To get in:

o- tie a lace to the bottom slider
o- put the suit on
o- lock the upper slider at the neck
o- lock and close the zip with the second slider (downwards) using the lace (locked sliders can be closed but not opened) with your hand stuck through a leg opening

To get out:

o- unlock the bottom slider through the leg opening (it should be possible, latex is very elastic)
o- push the slider upwards from the inside

If there is only one slider you can close the zip with the lace tied down to something immobile (see Strappado’s single-glove methods in the forum). To get out you can try to pull the lace down with your hand, or, if you can reach your neck from behind, pull the slider down from the inside.

Inflating the is not that difficult. You can squeeze the pump against a wall with your body. If the valve and te suit are hermetic deflating is much trickier. any ideas?

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  1. Hi, take a look at deviant art. I upload some pictures of this leotard (search “latex straitjacket” or my name : rougerealgar) it’s a red one we use with a latex belt from germany. Good quality but size rather small…

  2. Great photos! Thanks rougerealgar! Sorry I missed your comment here. I saw your photos on many websites on the Internet, but I did not know who made them.

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