Almost but not far from the title. It’s all in the definitions. You may remember what I wear when the temperature drops below 18°C (see this post). But what to wear when it’s colder than 10? (It was +4 tonight).

I was wearing thin nur Die Hüft 15 (legs), Wolford Perfectly 30 (arms-hands, yes, my hands were totally covered by nylon, no holes), 3mm neoprene Tribord Projohn DG500 wetsuit (long legs, short sleeves, I could not find the long sleeve version in Decathlon, 50€). Only my head was uncovered and this is the only detail what would differ from the title.

Why pantyhose on hands? Several reasons:

  • I like it
  • I have a short-sleeved version of the rubber catsuit, so it’s too cold to go bare-armed
  • When the temperature was below the zero, I wore a thin sport jacket. Warm but not convenient.
  • The thin transparent fabric is very elastic and does not interfere in any movements
  • Perfectly adsorbs sweat
  • Very breathable

And yes, I was seen. And no, nobody cares. The sportsmen are crazy, mad and nuts, so they can do or wear whatever they want ;-D