Pantyhose, shorts, mini-skirts or back to the 70s. Part I

Shiny pantyhose high bootsSpeaking about the latest fashion tendencies (or simply click on fetish fashion), we are completely forgetting about what happened 30-40 years ago. Remember? Hippie, twist, then disco, mini, hot-pants, platforms and … pantyhose. white pantyhose, creamy pantyhose, shiny pantyhose. With everything. Pantyhose with shorts (see also Part I and Part II), pantyhose with mini-skirts, pantyhose under thick woollen stockings.

“For those who … liked to show a leg, it became tasteful in the early 70s to wear creamy white tights with black patent shoes.” (Source Fashion Era).

Girls were wearing extremely short skirts so they had to keep close to a wall when going up- or downstairs. Schoolgirls could not use the upper half of the blackboards.

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