My first swimming in swimsuit and pantyhose

Man in swimsuit and pantyhoseI have a bad habit of taking ~20kg of fetish stuff to business trips (for example, see here). You never know what comes to you mind when you are far from home. This time was no different. The only exception was absence of any naughty ideas. Of course, I slept dressed in stockings or pantyhose and swimsuit, but it does not count, because I wear pantyhose 24×7 and often wear swimsuits anyway.

My mood was on the sporty side. The weather was quite warm for September, so I was jogging in AH Matglanzend pantyhose, swimsuit, leggings and a t-shirt. The swimsuit (on the pictures) proved to be very useful, because I had no pockets and the only way of keeping the key was to attach it to the swimsuit zipper.

OK, what next? Let’s have a look:

  • I was soaked after jogging
  • I had swimsuit on
  • Swimsuits are usually used for swimming
  • There was a swimming pool in the hotel I stayed at

And I headed to the basement! Someone was already swimming in the pool. I quickly undressed and put a big towel on my shoulders so it could cover my torso and back a bit. The man was on his way out and we faced each other. He clearly could see yet dry shiny pantyhose and black swimsuit framed on the sides by the towel.  It was too late to chicken out. I went to the shower and jumped into the pool.

I don’t like swimming pools, but the proper clothing made monotone swimming definitely less boring. I did not meet anybody after the man had left. To quickly summarize: I swan 20-25 min, then showered with shampoo while still wearing pantyhose with swimsuit, of course (another thing I adore). Then went back to my room, put the latex condom hood on (here is more information about it) and took a couple of pictures.

Wet pantyhose are pretty invisible, but you can see crotch and toes reinforcement.

3 thoughts on “My first swimming in swimsuit and pantyhose”

  1. Like Ra, you are born to be a pantyhose and swimsuit model! My huge wish is to dress swimsuit and nude pantyhose at public beach or pool! I did it just once at night with wife who also wore pantyhose under her swimsuit…

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