img__08277 - jogging in rubber wetsuit and pantyhoseYou can see joggers everywhere, almost at anytime and regardless the weather. Planned is planned – must run, even if it’s raining or snowing. Just as joggers and their “style” are different, so are their clothes: jogging in pink shiny leggingstight shorts, loose shorts, tight leggings, baggy pants, t-shirts, jackets, even jeans and skirts, in all possible length.

Usually nobody gives joggers a second look, joggers and all these sportsmen are nuts anyway. Normal people do not torture themselves “for the better”. Got the idea? Yes, you can wear whatever you want and (unless it’s something WAY too weird) nobody will notice. More about that later.

The woman on the left is wearing a one-piece swimsuit

The woman on the left is wearing a one-piece swimsuit

Now let’s have a look at what “professional” runners wear. Male sprinters: tight lycra swimsuits/surfsuits. Female: bikini (almost a standard nowadays), one-piece swimsuits (my favourite, was very popular several years ago). But during not friendly weather conditions pantyhose come into action! See photos.

To answer a popular demand or to follow up on the corresponding “fast swimsuits” Nike created Swift System of Dress.

Nike Swift System of Dress

Nike Swift System of Dress

Knee highs (why not to opt for stockngs?), opera length gloves and “swimsuits” – an entire system of dress – were developed by Nike so sprinters could run faster. What a fetish set!

I usually train between one and two hours in the park. ~20 minutes running, then stretching, etc. What to wear? When it’s warm, the choice is obvious: a t-shirt, short leggings or lycra bike shorts and thin pantyhose.

running in shorts and pantyhoseBut when the temperature drops below 15°C and water drips from the above from time to time? A bit more difficult…. Long trousers? A fleece jacket? Or a t-shirt with long sleeves and thin wind- and water-proof coat? Of course, everything will be soaked with sweat… Mmmm ….

The solution came to my mind when I was writing “this post“. A wetsuit! <2mm neoprene should be thick enough to keep the warmth inside, the water outside, and thin enough to avoid overheating and very elastic and flexible to allow moving freely. As I said here I bought a shorty suit in Decathlon for … €18.90!!!

jogging in shiny pantyhoseCompare the prices. How much will a t-shirt, bike shorts/leggings, a coat/jacket cost? Only a t-shirt costs ~€8-10 in the same Decathlon. Here I am on the photo. The neoprene wetsuit, Wolford Perfectly 30den pantyhose, ankle and wrist weights and sneakers. (No I was not wearing the latex mask ;-).

BTW, can you notice the 30den pantyhose on the photos? Not on the close-ups? I bet no. Do not be afraid of wearing pantyhose! Nobody notices/cares! I wore that clothes many times already, and only once a woman turned her head back and looked at my legs. But I’m pretty sure that it was the ankle weights what caught her attention. Nobody uses weights here, that was that “way too weird thing” I mentioned above!