Aurora encased in white pantyhose and BillyIt happened exactly 3 years ago: Billy and Aurora – a famous fetish pair married on April 1, 2006. Fortunately, it was not a joke, two happy inspiring fetishists indeed united. ;-) All the best guys!!!

Speaking of “partner involvement in your fetish” I bet they have something to tell Young Aurora in latex (as far as I remember it all began when Aurora was ~14 or 16 yo ;-P she did not disclose the age here), but probably they won’t. So, you may let your imagination soar.

I think if I saw someone I know clad in latex my curiosity would definitely make me ask to try these things out (also see this post). Actually, this is one of the suggestions for “how to involve your partner”. On the other hand, the history does not know “subjunctive mood”. You will never know what would happen. I DID miss quite a few opportunities to be involved in this or that and I do regret missing some of them. Probably that saved me from bad things, though. But I can dream, right? But… read this post.

And another thing I would like to draw your attention to. From Aurora’s photos we all know that she wears zentai and latex in public. But strangely enough, simple pantyhose on legs, face and especially arms “work” even better than zentai. Fingers caught in sheer transparent pantyhose are so cute that no fingered gloves come even miles close. Or is it just my imagination?