Femininity as fetish

Yeah, I’ve clearly acquired a new fetish. Dunno whom to blame: hypnosis, meditations, autogynephilia, age&maturity, anything else, a combination, but now I’m deeply attracted and even addicted to manifestations of natural (not artificial or exaggerated) femininity. In silhouettes, in movements, in clothes, in mimics, in emotions, in mannerism, in behaviour, in hair styles, in make-up, everywhere. And, I must say, it’s very exciting and arousing 😛

Source: Natalya

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2 thoughts on “Femininity as fetish”

  1. I have one fetish. I just love femininity in men. Fragile, slender body, androgyny, long hair, neat hands. And if you add all this, for example, with beautiful underwear, stockings … or even make him up like a girl, this causes me a real aesthetic orgasm. Only now, so far I have been able to admire such miracles only on the video that I constantly watch on the site https://lady2fight.com, there are many such staged, good videos, it excites me.


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