Bambi’s appeal or Why is bimbofication so popular nowadays?

Bianca in latex leotard pantyhose and fishnets

Bianca in latex leotard pantyhose and fishnetsI see one big problem with Bambi hypnosis – the emphasis on the stupidity. I have no idea how much roleplaying was in the Vive’s thread (on WMM?) where he was experimenting with a series of IQ reduction files, but the change in texts, grammar, word choice of the subjects was spectacular. Again it might be a roleplaying, it might be a mind trick where “the-so-called-subconscious” makes the subjects behave according to their ideas of how mentally impaired people would behave, and not a real temporary(?) IQ reduction. But I think people confuse “stupidity” and “not thinking”, “stopping the train of thoughts” or “shutting down the internal dialogue”. I see the appeal of the latter, I don’t get the appeal of the former.

Yet the bimbofication hypnosis is in full glory nowadays. Is it the next level of escapism after full-time cosplay and 2D waifu?

Saying that… I do understand the alluring attractiveness of the ability to “switch to someone”, who can forget about the problems and dive into the erotic oblivion and “wholebodily” relish the moment… (Bianca’s photo is related, I hope she does not mind :P)

Sure … but … please without gloomy consequences… There are other healthy ways to achieve the bliss of physical and mental relaxation, when everybody benefits. Though it takes more time and efforts. Trancing (including hypno-trancing) is great if used wisely. But please avoid potentially harmful stuff. Neuroscientists say that there is no temporary influence: whatever we see, hear, feel, experience becomes a part of us forever.

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4 thoughts on “Bambi’s appeal or Why is bimbofication so popular nowadays?”

  1. I would give some merit to equating Intelligence with Power, and the less intelligent someone feels the less powerful they feel, I know when I listen to files, the thought of my mind and thoughts being taken away does wash a feeling of helplessness over me and I feel like I go deeper.

    That being said, obedience can undermine intelligence, so I see the validity of your point, that no matter the level of intelligence, a hypnotized subject should obey.

  2. Undermine isn’t the best word, “override” is closer to what I meant

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