Weird Aliexpress fashion. Leotards with mirrors

Apparently, nowadays Aliexpress is the answer to all needs, whether it’s something boring and mundane, or something unusual or plainly weird. That’s what I’ve stumbled upon today:

Shiny silver mirror bodysuit
Shiny golden mirror bodysuit

And guess what? There were orders and the reviews are very positive! May you be te shining star of the parties! 🙂

Found in LK Factory

More photos and videos below

2 thoughts on “Weird Aliexpress fashion. Leotards with mirrors”

  1. Yes, I agree. I’ve bought a heap of seriously kinky gear off the site and at reasonable prices. Some has turned out tone poorly made, but the top of line gear such as Leohex is stunning and appreciated by my admirers- so much so, Its pretty much what I am wearing most of the time in sessions along with fetish heels also bought off the site. Postage to Australia can be a tad long, but I always enjoy the thill of receiving, opening, donning and then Doming.

  2. I agree. However the quality is sometimes poor and sizes are rarely adapted, especially for catsuits : legs too short, arms too short, bust too long… or vice versa.
    Leotards are more “reliable”. The best I found so far is in the Speerise brand : fairly good quality, low price and reliable sizing :

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