Latex self-bondage story: “Iku no Hazukashii Self-Bondage Hatsutaiken”

selfbondage art story

latex self-bondage artFound this on the Internet, made some research, and apparently there is no translation yet. Google translator helps a bit, but I would greatly appreciate if someone could help us with understanding what’s indeed written in this doujin. Thank you in advance!

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  1. 01:

    Shinkaikan (name of the dojin circle)

    Iku’s embarrassing (humiliating)
    First time

    Adults Only


    Hands .. done…
    Legs fit perfectly…
    Where.. Where did Miss find this … this outfit
    For sure… a rubber suit…
    It’s kind of … a strange feeling…


    repeat of the title: Iku’s embarrassing first self bondage experience
    I just wanted to try it on but …
    it’s … kind of embarrassing…


    Three Days Ago
    Iku, are you listening? You don’t…
    Your need to work on your awareness as a “top”
    This is sudden
    Come on, look
    You didn’t notice at all,
    I’m wearing a collar which means I want you to dominate me
    Why has it come to this…


    Of course, searching on Sukima or Sunflower Ghost (* sorry, no idea what these two items are referring to) would be faster
    But you know I can’t ever search
    You’re my partner, so, for that…
    Iku, you need a crash course in topping!
    Why do I…


    Don’t worry
    I’ll prepare everything
    … so three days later at Iku’s house
    Package Delivery!
    Oh, um ,okay!
    “I’ll prepare everything”…
    so that means…
    Um … what is all this…


    Dear Iku,
    I’m sending you a rubber suit. Wear it and tie your self up.

    Why do I have to do that…
    Sorry, but I’m going to ignore this
    …I thought, but
    Since she went to all that trouble…
    Maybe I should just try it on a bit…


    Half an hour later
    …Well, I put it on after all… (sweat)
    Oh me… I really like wearing weird clothing…
    Anything you don’t see regularly
    For some reason I always have to try it on…
    But I’ve tried it on now
    So better take it off… ?…
    … Why did I put the collar on?…
    One’s sub-conscience can be scary…


    This suit fits really well..
    It really emphasizes my chest…
    I wonder how Miss found out my three-sizes… (waist, hip, breast)
    So .. I guess …
    Let me try this fun item …


    Attach the vibe to my crotch area…
    Set the timer to start in 3 minutes …
    (Vibe with a timer setting)
    Kneel down…
    Get a chain
    and a padlock
    attach to my four limbs and the thigh cuffs…
    And this is a basic self-bondage method…
    (as per Miss’s letter)


    Mm.. It really restricts movement..
    The timer should be about to…
    But somehow I’m really worried…
    I feel like I forgot something important…
    Anyway… where did I put the key…


    D..Dang it! The timer started!
    No! That was a bad time it to start!
    Oh no… It’s started to feel really good…
    At least .. if I can stop the vibe…
    Iku? Are you home? I’m coming in!
    That’s… Miss’s voice…
    ack! I lost concentration, I’m falling over!


    Oh… no!
    I can’t…
    reach it like this…
    Hey! Are you okay Iku!
    There’s was a huge noise…


    Oh, you’ve already started (that was fast)
    Uh! No this.. anyway hurry over and help me!
    I’m impressed. I didn’t know you’d get so into the crash course!
    Looks like I brought this late delivery over just in time
    Two more vibes!
    I’ll put ‘em on for you


    ..Ta da, now they’re on both nipples
    (I temporarily stopped the other one)
    I .. uh .. this isn’t…
    I already know your breasts are sensitive, so I want to make ‘em feel extra good


    I .. you .. surely you’re joking…
    So please… take these off bef…
    Finally you quieted down
    Now you’ve got a ball gag on
    It makes everything more sensitive
    I put all the vibes on max, so you should be able to cum quickly
    It’s about to start


    uuuguu— (make up your own moaning sounds)
    So, have a good time
    I’m going to play games in the next room
    ug!? muu! umuuu!


    yet more moaning sounds
    ah… I came in less than 3 minutes…
    when I can’t move I feel it more…
    scary… all these forced orgasms are scary
    someone … someone help me…


    Ah! I came… I came again!


    I’m cumming again!


    uguu muuu uuuu ruuuu


    I’ve had enough! I don’t want to cum any more! But the orgasms keep coming!
    cumming! Cumming againnnnn!
    someone … help…
    Oh… I’m really sorry
    I got wrapped up in the game and forgot about you for 2 hours


    I’m really sorry (don’t hate me!)
    No. I can’t forgive you! (but I don’t hate you)
    But it was dangerous at first (take care of your key)
    Who .. Who’s fault was that! (sending me these clothes)
    Anyway, how was it? It felt a lot better than normal, right?
    Hmm.. it was a bit dangerous
    But .. it really felt great…
    (although so good I might die…)


    Okay, so for the next time, you should dominate me
    Uh .. I dunno…
    Oh… okay, sure. Let’s do it!
    What, really? Yay!
    Yay! Finally topped by Iku!
    Ah, this girl… hmm?
    Well, if I’m doing stuff with her in any case…
    Before that…
    Maybe I should practice some more…


    This is her 3rd book and it’s just a remake of her 1st book, and some other stuff.

  2. Fuji Apple ” wrote:

    I thought I posted a translation but now I don’t see it?

    Whoa… Found it in SPAM… That’s scary, because, apparently, I have to manually check the automatic SPAM folder, which is … HUGE ….

    And HUGE THANKS for the translation!!!!! VERY MUCH appreciated!!!

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