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Family, friends, colleagues and fetish moments or Home together.
Have you experienced any fetish moments with your colleagues in the office, with you family at home or on vacation or with your friends? No, not thematic fetish or bondage parties, just usual everyday life.

(You remember that there is a separate Home alone thread, don't you?)
#2 (family vacations and fetish moments, back seamed pantyhose) (speaking of kids and bondage) (you're pervert) (interesting pantyhose) (latex martial arts training) (dishwasher and high heels) (pretty faces and pantyhose) (shiny pantyhose, photos)
Men in pantyhose, family in pantyhose or Just wear it!
Office, pantyhose, high heels. Part I. Obsession
Family, kids, fetish moments and pink striped pantyhose
What fetishist’s wife is wearing
Daughter on prOn and bondage
Chastity belts
Stone dildo
Wetlook leggings
Where’s my swimsuit?
What excites you is…
Shiny pantyhose and shame.
Pantyhose again
Just out of interest:
How old is your daughter and how much does she know????
Not sure what you're thinking of, but I have been seen in the office in black sheer pantyhose and at a conference in tights and shorts by co-workers.
(06 Mar 2011, 12:05 )blackduck Wrote: How old is your daughter
At the moment of the conversation she was 13, as far as I remember.

(06 Mar 2011, 12:05 )blackduck Wrote: and how much does she know????

To be honest, no idea. You can have a look at this thread: (Selfbondage, fetish and children).
(06 Mar 2011, 17:11 )tom_fisher Wrote: Not sure what you're thinking of, but I have been seen in the office in black sheer pantyhose and at a conference in tights and shorts by co-workers.

Mmm... I think this definitely counts.
Only thing with a colleague i`ve had, is that she made me wear her heeled boots, and kiss heer feet.
Forgot to revive the thread. I'm on vacation with my family, and it's the time for more (sometimes funny) fetish moments.

What kind of "night clothes" are you wearing during when you stay in, say, a hotel room with your kids? For me it's a Speedo hydrasuit (water-polo swimsuit) with pantyhose.
In the mountains the temperature jumps from +10 to +30, sometimes it rains, when you are far from any roofs, and you have to walk up&down in "not usual shoes".

My current ideal clothes consist of breeches, shiny pantyhose and a t-shirt with fleece jacket. Thin 15-20den pantyhose perfectly keep the temperature balance and protect from calluses. And ... of course.... they look great ;-)
I was driving through small Austrian towns when I noticed two girls: both in very short skirts, one in sheer black pantyhose and heels, the other bare legged but on very high heels. I would say, VERY unusual for this part of the country.

Moreover, the one in pantyhose was trying to climb on the passenger seat of a scooter.

I was so surprised so almost jumped out of the window. My family "ooooooohhhhhed" annoyingly. I said something about the heels and the rough area around and tried to hide my primary interest in pantyhose.

But I did need someone around to share what I saw with! Big Grin

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