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What is a fetish? Your Fetish or is it a fetish?
Ok, I scan for fetish and got Many threads.
When I scan for: What is a fetish or not, I got nothing.
So, here we go.
What is your non-sexual fetish.
A female friend has a rather odd fetish. She likes cleaned rocks.
Really clean rocks. Any kind of rocks.
My main fetish followed by dressing and self bondage, is programming in binary or Hex.
My good friend who just joined our group has a panty fetish so much, he just max out a credit card. But his main Fetish is measuring each blade of grass and if it’s too long, trims it to the correct length (while wearing nothing but satin panties.

So, what is your non sexual Fetish?
Does obsessively collecting and building Lego sets count? Asking for a friend...
Yes. Is a fetish. I play with legos too.
A fetish is an extremely strong devotion to something. There are sexual fetishes and nonsexual fetishes: both are obsessive interests.

The most common use of the word fetish is probably the sexual meaning. Someone with a foot fetish is abnormally interested in feet and gets sexual pleasure from seeing, being around, and even thinking about feet. There are probably thousands of sexual fetishes, most of which are too inappropriate to write about here. A non-sexual fetish is just an excessive interest in something, like a football fan who lives and breathes everything NFL, Socker or my personal favorite.... Rugby
Good thread. As I said (many times Big Grin ) I'm going to create a series of posts on that, but I haven't properly organized it in my head.

This is how I currently define fetish:
(18 Aug 2018, 05:41 )Tinker D Wrote: She likes cleaned rocks.
Really clean rocks. Any kind of rocks.
Yeah, me too. Minerals, crystals, rocks.

Also high-end audio equipment.

Collecting information.

Actually, all collectors are fetishists.
Yea? Well, it’s almost to the point that she is beginning to scraping the gravel off of the driveway just to keep the driveway clean.

Now that’s a Fetish.
OK, not to that extent Big Grin

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