Family, Kids and fetish moments. Stone dildo

I love natural (gem)stones. Lapis lazuli, opal, agate, garnet, tanzanite, fluorite and other sweet names sound very promising to my ear. But (unlike my wife) these colourful things were never my fetishes.

So, when we were visiting dozens of fantastic Austrian mineral museums, shops, exhibitions I never expected to see anything related to *my* fetishes. Even pantyhose are very rare over there. Of course, I was wearing shiny sheer hose with breeches as always, but that did not count.

But have a look at the photo. What do you think it is? Yes, most likely it’s quartz and amethyst. I mean what is it supposed to be used for? My kids meaningfully giggled when they noticed this handcrafted object.

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One thought on “Family, Kids and fetish moments. Stone dildo”

  1. the poor guy who made it probably just thinks it is a magic wand, and would cry if he knew what we would use it for lol.

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