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I didn't know how to call the section which is not directly related to the selfbondage technique, but rather to the "entertainment" during the SB sessions, not yet completed scenarios, thoughts and "mental speculations". And finally called it "Ideas".

Oil in a tubVibrator on a timerVibrator on a
PIR sensor
Remote controlled vibratorsDIY ass-hookAnal hooks
Long butt-plugsDeep throatEnjoyed? Eat it

Delayed enema 1Delayed enema 2Enemalarm
Frozen enemaDo not pee 1External catheter
Enema pants

Self-bondage scenarios and not tested self-bondage ideas
About self-bondage scenarios and requests (see also the forum thread)Latex balloonInflatable chair
Self-bondage leotardMummification with shrink wrapVertical spread eagle
Strait-jacketVacuum PVC sackDIY vacuum sleeping bag
One-way crotch rope and hooksJapanese style arm-binderInflatable lounger with a built-in stroking machine
State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VII. The Intimidator Anal Plug and self-bondage scenariosFlag-holder-bondage-butt-plug for DIY (self-)bondage devicesAnal-hook locked to collar. Selfbondage ideas and scenarios
Medium term office self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general ideaInflatable latex suits for selfbondageCover-all latex sleeveless and inflatable leotards for self-bondage
Cover-all latex sleeveless and inflatable suits for self-bondage. Part IIIIdea for a self-bondage scenario: suspension technique from “Bondage Life”Leather over chest posture collar for a party or self-bondage
(Self-)Bound, gagged, plugged, blindfolded and stuck in mud. Videos.Condom clothes. Part III. Full-body condom and (self-)bondage ideasRed latex catsuits and black harnesses. What is the ideal harness?
Self-bondage art. Part XIII. Self-bondage techniques and ideas.Unusual pantyhose and self-bondage. Up to the top Donna Karan Body Perfect Hosiery Waist EmbracePossible New Selfbondage Release?
Fetish (self-bondage?) chessBlue spandex fishnet tube for self-bondageBed post as butt-plug
Stay bound or sufferPantyhose single-glove 2“Bound for the night” self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general idea.
“Bound for the night” self-bondage scenarios. Part II. The basics“Bound for the night” self-bondage scenarios. Part IIIShort self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general idea
Short self-bondage scenarios. Part II. Stretching and semi-suspensionShort self-bondage scenarios. Part III. Stretching and splits