Family, kids, fetish moments and high heels

I was trying to fix our dishwasher today and had to crawl around in a squatting position for quite a while. When I complained about my knees, my son calmly remarked:”Just put on high heels”.

And no, he did not see me wearing them.

(Just in case if someone didn’t get it – it’s much easier to squat on high heels. )

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2 thoughts on “Family, kids, fetish moments and high heels”

  1. i can confirm that. in fact i think most things are easier with them, only exceptions are like… running, sprinting, and jumping. and maybe kung fu.

  2. ttbm ” wrote:

    only exceptions are like

    … going downstairs/downhill
    … walking on uneven pavements
    … just walking, actually

    ttbm ” wrote:

    and maybe kung fu

    But all super-heroines are wearing high-heels. How strange… ;-D

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