Bondage, latex and martial arts

Martial arts, bondage, fetish and latex dreams.

Three different but, I would say, related events.

Event 1. Martial arts training

We were practising triple locks. And when I was laying almost comfortably flat on my stomach, pinned to the tatami, unable to move an inch, with my arm held gently, but firmly and not painfully (yet) somewhere behind me, a sudden thought stroke me – isn’t it a typical bondage position?

Event 2. Martial arts training

As a joke and one of the girls was held in a tight hogtie position (as a next step after applying a proper technique)

Event 3. Latex martial arts exam

I had a dream one night. It was an exam day. I’ve already passed all internal exams, so I arrived a bit later for assistance or usual training. But when I looked into the dojo, my jaw dropped – instead of usual karate gis, all students were wearing black latex knee length dresses! The dresses were not tight fitting, some of them had big loose hoods resembling burqas. I particular remember one girl – she was looking beautiful in latex!

When I told what “I saw” to my family, my daughter said:

“I told you! You’re a pervert!”
“No”, I answered, “I’m not. I was wearing a usual gi…. But… apparently our sensei is… And … I missed all the fun! There was no latex for me! aaaaaa …. ;-( ”

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