Men in pantyhose, family in pantyhose or Just wear it!

The photo is taken from tights4men forum. The author (Пан Юрий) asks:”Guess, where’s me and where’s my wife?”. But, this is not the question or answer (which is quite obvious, isn’t it?) what interests me.

Twenty years ago I could not even imagine that I will wear pantyhose openly, wear them everyday, much more often than my wife and my daughter and people around together, that I will get pantyhose as presents, that I will swim in pantyhose in public swimming pools, that I will forget that I wear pantyhose, because I got used to them, etc.

One interesting moment. A couple of years ago me and my mother-in-law were sitting in a kitchen both wearing almost the same clothes: t-shirts, jeans shorts and pantyhose.

The bottom line is: Life is too short. Do not wait for the so called “public acceptance”, just wear it!

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I have one dream, though: me and my wife wearing tight jeans mini shorts and black fishnet pantyhose. Nothing special. But for some reason we had the same shorts (just the size was different) many-many years ago.

And … since I want to wear this outfit in public, she would like it to look perfect or very close to. Hence, shoes, figures&shapes, the rest of the clothes, age always get into the picture. Age is the most important one. Unfortunately, we are not getting younger

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  1. I believe you are the one on the right, but I would be sitting like the on eon the left, as I like to be with my legs very close together and feel the nice caressing of each leg against the other…


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