For our daughter we bought wetlook leggings in this shop. She has been looking for shiny latex-, vinyl- or leather-like leggings/tights for some time, and though the eBay description did not look very trustworthy, for $5 with free shipping you do not lose anything, do you?

The delivery was exceptionally fast, but as we expected there was neither shine or leather-look, nor 100% opacity. BUT! The leggings were so silky-soft to touch, so my daughter could not stop caressing her legs. And if she’s happy, we’re happy too.

The same day she was wearing these leggings, low cut singlet, high-heeled boots and leather jacket. We were getting late for the training, so I jumped into the car with:

Me: Hey, you, a young fetishist’s kit, speed up and get into the car!
She: A fetishist’s kit? He-he… Nah… Rather a paedophile’s kit.

Good that she understands that.

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