My kids got used to my pantyhose, swimsuits and various fetish talks, but from time to time very interesting dialogues occur.

Son: Your pantyhose shine too much.
Me: Cool, isn’t it?
Son: Yeah, but don’t you have pantyhose with no shine?

Son: Do you feel shame when other people notice your shiny panthose?
Me: Mmm…. Does anybody notice?
Son: Dunno… I think some people do.

I was not wearing pantyhose, because it was too hot and I had long breeches (or short capri?) on.

Son: Your legs without pantyhose look very strange.
Me: So, do they look better with or without?
Son: I don’t know… Just strange…
Me: By the way, I was not wearing pantyhose for the last four or five days. Didn’t you notice?
Son: Really? Probably, I did not pay attention.

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On the photo I’m wearing shiny Portuguese “Mo” 15den pantyhose (bought in “Continente”).