Family vacations and fetish moments

Back-seamed black pantyhose from a supermarket -IMG_7559Yes, that was the reason for my disappearing. Vacation. One week off kept me from appearing here for fortnight. Sorry guys for not letting you know, for not answering mail and for not updating the site – was busy. Really busy.

OK, back to the subject. Family vacations are fun, no doubts. Especially if spent in exotic places. But perverted mind is constantly looking for something … mmm .. else…

It could be as barely noticeable as a couple of centimetres of a nyloned ankle, or something black and very shiny like here.

Let’s count the “fetish moments” of the last week.

  • I was wearing pantyhose 24×7
  • In a supermarket ( I think it was M-Preis. Or Hofer) I spotted a pile of pantyhose. It was quite cold in the mountains but my daughter complained about her pantyhose (not comfortable), so I told her to have a look in that pile. Together we fished out a pair of back-seamed black pantyhose with cuban heel. She eagerly grabbed them and immediately pulled them on as soon as we got home. Nice, not very nice (see the photo below, also far from perfect, BTW), but as my daughter said: “Hey, what do you want for €4? It’s not a Wolford but they are great!”. Yeah, she’s right. So much fun for 3.99!

  • My kids asked me many times about “The Matrix”. So this time I saved all three films on my laptop and we enjoyed them during the dark evenings. Had to explain a lot (it’s not an easy stuff to understand if you did not read Carlos Castaneda, not familiar with virtual reality, have a very vague idea on what’s going on inside computers, etc.). But kids are smarter that we think of them (the opposite true as well ;-D ).

    Anyway, that was my first revision of the series ever and I was greatly pleased with the latex/bondage scenes. But we’ll get back to “The Matrix” later.

  • In Frankfurt we saw a big… no…. very big guy dressed “as a woman”. Nothing special in terms of the clothes (even no visible nylons), but his height… It was something …

What about your recent vacations? Anything interesting?

2 thoughts on “Family vacations and fetish moments”

  1. I’d never connected Castaneda to the Matrix before. I’d always thought he was just an old fraud who relied on his professors not having read the books in their own libraries.

    But now you mention it I can see your point (in more ways than one…).

  2. Culmor wrote:

    I’d never connected Castaneda to the Matrix before.

    Actually, Castaneda’s influence is huge. And The Matrix is a cocktail from Nagualism, Buddhism, Christianity, Greek myths and legends. And Lewis Carroll, of course 😉

    Culmor wrote:

    in more ways than one…

    Castaneda is everywhere in The Matrix. The paradigm of the constant choices, the Warrior path, the pills vs the drawn line, deja vu (cats in The Matrix, falling leaves in Castaneda’s book), different state of mind vs Reality/Virtual Reality, the way to the source vs. the way to the Eagle, dodging the source vs dodging the Eagle, the ability to recompose himself, the concept of the chosen one vs nagual, etc.

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