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Your support will be greatly appreciated and will help both to keep the associated costs lower and to motivate me to pay more attention to the content.
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Why donate?

This question brings another one: "Why and what is this site for?

Unfortunately there are downsides.

Everything takes time...

Creating content is a full-time job. One session takes at least 4 working days before it appears on the site. That includes not only pure coding, but also thinking over, preparations, choosing and making the proper equipment, setting up, taking and processing pictures, composing and many other little things you don't even think about until the last minute.

Web- and system administration is a full-time job. There is always something invisible and hidden behind the content like upgrading, patching, log processing, changing internal and external design, implementing new features, backing-up, organizing information and managing file, etc.

Blogging is a full-time job. Just like a journalism.

Promoting is a full-time job. You have to advertise what you are doing otherwise nobody will know what you are doing.

And don't forget your primary full-time paid job :-)

... and money

Equipment, clothes, domain registration, hosting, traffic, Internet access, software, you name it.


The downsides affect motivation and attitude. "Why the hell do I spend time and money on something I don't even get feedback for?" Or: "I know why the visitors need the site, who tells me why *I* need it?" The frustration grows even if the statistics shows positive dynamics. And publishing sinks down the priority list.

So, why donate?

To show your interest and appreciation, to keep the motivation and attitude, to help with running costs and to encourage!