One of our family vacations we spent in Gasteinertal (Austria). The entrance to the valley is guarded by an ancient watchtower. One day we decided to pay a visit to a small museum located in the tower.

The guided tour was quite short – something about 15-20 minutes. There’s actually not much to see in and around, but their collection of the genuine medieval props is indeed quite interesting.

For example, these strange items. Our “advanced” kids (despite extensive Internet and TV experience) could not recognize male and female chastity belts in these devices, which from the first sight look like torture or inquisition equipment. So, they asked, we explained.

Some interesting points.

The cock cage is huge. It’s about 20-25cm long and 5cm wide. The Austrian are not very tall, but apparently they have (had?) something else instead.

Have a look at the anal hole. It’s not just a hole, but it’s got sharp teeth pointed outside and a wide “gusset”. The cock cage does not prevent masturbation, but they definitely wanted to prevent any intercourse. It does not matter whether it’s male->female or male->male.

I wonder for how long they had to wear these not very comfortable things…

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