Five hands-free hypno orgasms. Amazed and puzzled.


hypno-girlI’m not sure if I can call it “my”(?) “achievements”(?) but my last 5 orgasms were 90% HFO. Not 100%, because 10% (including the last “final touch”) was “caused” by the clothing I was wearing (a swimsuit or a PVC briefs). But “most of the work” was done “on it’s own”. (Some words are quoted, because I can’t find the proper terms for what I experienced.) And this is after 11 months of no orgasms at all!

Also, I’m not sure what caused the HFO’s. My CM? My SCM? Hypnosis? Egregors? A combination? There can be neither proofs nor tests. The official science has no idea what mind is, where conscious or subconscious is located, let alone how hypnosis works or what egregors are. But I suspect, that Samantha B@nd1er’s hypno-files play a significant role here. Along with other hypno-material as well.

A bit more details.

First three orgasms happened during 3 consecutive mornings, when I (dressed in open-crotch pantyhose with halters and not too tight swimsuit) was on a yoga mat for my usual morning yoga practice. Suddenly I got very aroused, light swimsuit touches drove me almost nuts, then my SCM put me in various asanas, where I was driven over the edge, even despite my “silent protest” and practically no help – I could not lay absolutely still, my cock became overly sensitive, and even the lightest touch was more than enough to make me explode.

Then after several days of listening to hypno-files (periodically during the day and constantly during the night), I had another orgasm while listening to a hypno-file. I was “taken” from behind and driven to orgasms in the night and in the morning (I “was kept” fully erected and overly aroused for several hours). In both cases I was in self-bondage (“Bound by The Force” – that’s gonna be a series of posts).

On one hand it’s amazing and incredible for many reasons. I bet many people would give a lot to experience that. OTOH, the last orgasm caused the post-orgasmic dopamine dip I REALLY HATE (one of the reasons I refused to orgasm for almost a year), when you begin to experience a kind of mini-depression with the well-known “post-fap guilt” with a desire to “purge all fetish stuff once and forever”. I bet you know what I mean. Another negative side of orgasms is loss of energy. I prefer to stay aroused for hours, ejaculation kills the mood.

Sooooo, I’m very puzzled. What was the main cause of it? Hypnosis? OK, I can imagine that the last two might be directly induced by hypnosis, because I was listening to SB. But the first three? Yes, I listened to hypno-stuff from time to time, mostly on Saturdays, and usually not attentively. A combination of files?

Yoga and meditations? I do not focus on “getting pleasure” during the practice, I usually meditate on the internal silence.

“The Force” (Qi/Chi/Prana/Pneuma/Energy/etc), the Higher Beings, egregors or etheric “parasites”? To “tell me something” or just to plunder for energy?

Hey, what was it? And why? And should I continue with the experiments? 😀

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