Super shiny pantyhose on eBay

Just stumbled upon this ad on eBay:

Super shiny glossy satin Silky Pantyhose Fiore Elite Raula 40 (found in this pantyhose webshop).

Never heard of this brand before. Any experience? They look pretty much shiny (diffused shine) but it could be the lighting. Also I’ve got a feeling that the girl on the photo is wearing white glossy pantyhose over dull brown ones.

4 images below.

15 thoughts on “Super shiny pantyhose on eBay”

  1. My first impression was: I wouldn’t expect much for that price (10PLN = ~2,5€), but later after browsing their pages I found something I already know: Medica Total-Slim, and they were quite good.

    BTW: There is catalog available here:

  2. Awesome photos! For this price I would try many models. I like the shiny ones, with back seams, and… Oooph… Possibly it’s just a good photographer.

    Also their pantyhose for kids are simply stunning! I fell in love with the glossy Malwina, Pam amd Lilit. Never seen anything similar.

  3. wow these are pretty amazing. Gotta buy me some sometime… Do they ship to North America?

  4. latlycra ” wrote:

    I just ordered such tights. I will see what are worth…

    Oh please let me know

    Shoot I just got a water polo swimsuit from arena and it’s too small (too short really), any suggestions on how to stretch it?

  5. Just pull it on 😉 The tighter the better ;-P

    But seriously, if it’s too small, I don’t think you can stretch it to the comfortable state, water-polo suits are supposes to be very tight and they must keep form.

  6. “”(The link is safe)
    This link is my photos about me and my gf wearing this pantyhose(“shiny grey”) on my web space(001.jpg-013.jpg). I have bought the purple, brown and white ones. White and gray ones are VERY SHINY!!(see my photos) even under white light in my room. The purple and brown ones are not so shiny just as normal glossy pantyhose. After wearing this pantyhose maybe 6 times, it`s start pilling. Must wear this pantyhose very carefully. Maybe it is not so good as you see the package of this pantyhose.

  7. Love the Fiore brand hose are very durable to if they come in more colors would buy them to.


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