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wasabi butt-plugButt-plugs became boring? Just use wasabi as a lubricant. Insert, enjoy, remove, add more wasabi, repeat until enlightening. You may want to tie yourself up at some point, and, most likely, put on your favourite chastity belt and a gag (in advance) ;P

DIY chastity belts. The figure of 8

chastity-device-12Apparently this figure 8 chastity tool works only for the “showers”, however anybody can achieve the same “chastity effect” by using a rope or thick wire.

The photo below shows how it’s supposed to work (NSFW!!!). Looks pretty much painful.

Any ideas/experience?

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DIY chastity belt. Part I. Lockable

After playing with CB6000 and going through all related frustrations (see CB6000 and types of frustration), checking chastity belt reviews, visiting manufacturer sites, reading multiple forums, I decided to try to make a do-it-yourself chastity device with the following in mind:

  • comfortable for a long time wear
  • comfortable to wear even under tight clothes like pantyhose, swimsuits (cb6000 is a disaster)
  • impossible to pull off (one of the most common problem with commercial CB’s)
  • lockable
  • easy to make (I do not have much time for such “design projects”)
  • reliable (again, something what cb6000 is absolutely not)
  • cheap

At first sight absolutely unreal and incompatible conditions. However, as I said in “DIY/hadware vs sex-shops and some food for kinky thoughts. Part I“, pay a visit to the biggest hardware store in your area and spend there an hour or two. That may give you some interesting ideas.

This is what I managed to make for €4 using a file, a screwdriver, a knife and pliers within about 1 hour.

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Family, Kids and fetish moments. Chastity belts

One of our family vacations we spent in Gasteinertal (Austria). The entrance to the valley is guarded by an ancient watchtower. One day we decided to pay a visit to a small museum located in the tower.

The guided tour was quite short – something about 15-20 minutes. There’s actually not much to see in and around, but their collection of the genuine medieval props is indeed quite interesting.

For example, these strange items. Our “advanced” kids (despite extensive Internet and TV experience) could not recognize male and female chastity belts in these devices, which from the first sight look like torture or inquisition equipment. So, they asked, we explained.

Some interesting points.
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CB6000 and types of frustration

cb6000-01Update Nov 21, 2009 @ 01:38

Forgot to tell that I bought the CB6000 on eBay for half of the usual price (“Buy now”, BTW, not an auction). If you are going to buy one I would strongly advice you to check eBay periodically (also click on “See all matching items from international sellers” under the search results.)

More things after Session 65 (to be posted later on).

  • After both Session 64 and Session 65 (the cb6000 was locked over the piss condom built into latex tights) I could easily slide it off without unlocking. Of course, good lube and limp state helped, but [read more…]