Figure skating in latex

figure skating latex stockings tightsSee Part I and Part II

Figure skating is already a good candidate for the Fetish Sport #1, but this photo makes it leap forward. See what such “simple thing” as latex stockings (or latex pantyhose) can do.

You do not even have to be a good skater. And, by the way, I would tie your hands to the skates, you know, just in case, for your safety …

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5 thoughts on “Figure skating in latex”

  1. thank you so much for posting this! i have had a huge kink about skates for as long as i can remember, i thought i was alone on this. the thought of being bound up and helpless on skates is the ultimate thrill for me. is that going too far? i have a lot of shame issues about this…

  2. Your dreams and imaginations are very welcome in the forum 😉 For example, here: /forum/mybb/Forum-Stories or here: /forum/mybb/Forum-Session-ideas-requests-and-fiction

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