PVC suit with gloves and stockings fetish clothes swimsuitsDespite the site is called “Rubber&Lover Japan” it’s not about rubber or latex, but something what looks (or at least shines) like latex – PVC. Or, rather, coated stretchy lycra (see photo below).

We discussed the pro & contras of latex many times (for example, see this post and this) but now let’s focus on PVC.


  • skin friendly
  • not as sweaty as latex
  • ambient temperature friendly
  • latex free (for those who’s allergic to latex)
  • shines even better than polished lycra
  • shines even without hours of polishing
  • cheaper than latex
  • does not tear like latex
  • publicly more acceptable than latex
  • does not dissolve in oils
  • you can breath through some coatings


  • the coating easily peels off (the most important disadvantage)
  • coated lycra should be washed extremely carefully (see the previous contra)
  • it’s not as stretchy as non-coated lycra or latex
  • it does not fit like non-coated lycra or latex
  • it will never smell like latex

So, choose what’s more important.  To give you some ideas what can be done with PVC, here’s some photos from RubberLovers or PVC-shop

(Japanese only). They produce and sell some very interesting things (I’m personally very interested in their swimsuit/leotard line) but sell only within Japan. (You can try eBay instead)

Also, have a look at the suit on the picture at the very beginning of the post. Top is made with built in gloves (and I think hood can also be added). Stockings (or boots?) have D-rings already sewn in, so they can be easily attached to the top without any hassle or fear to tear them apart. If you add 4 small padlocks you wouldn’t be able to take either top or stockings off (provided you locked the zipper as well ;-)

The suits can be used for parties, cosplay events or even as normal clothes. But some small additions add a bit of pepper to otherwise looking pretty vanilla apparel. Note that zentai can be worn underneath or on top of the PVC suits.

Many thanks to Blacksheep for the link.