Rubber & Lover or Latex vs PVC

PVC suit with gloves and stockings fetish clothes swimsuitsDespite the site is called “Rubber&Lover Japan” it’s not about rubber or latex, but something what looks (or at least shines) like latex – PVC. Or, rather, coated stretchy lycra (see photo below).

We discussed the pro & contras of latex many times (for example, see this post and this) but now let’s focus on PVC.


  • skin friendly
  • not as sweaty as latex
  • ambient temperature friendly
  • latex free (for those who’s allergic to latex)
  • shines even better than polished lycra
  • shines even without hours of polishing
  • cheaper than latex
  • does not tear like latex
  • publicly more acceptable than latex
  • does not dissolve in oils
  • you can breath through some coatings


  • the coating easily peels off (the most important disadvantage)
  • coated lycra should be washed extremely carefully (see the previous contra)
  • it’s not as stretchy as non-coated lycra or latex
  • it does not fit like non-coated lycra or latex
  • it will never smell like latex

So, choose what’s more important.  To give you some ideas what can be done with PVC, here’s some photos from RubberLovers or PVC-shop

(Japanese only). They produce and sell some very interesting things (I’m personally very interested in their swimsuit/leotard line) but sell only within Japan. (You can try eBay instead)

Also, have a look at the suit on the picture at the very beginning of the post. Top is made with built in gloves (and I think hood can also be added). Stockings (or boots?) have D-rings already sewn in, so they can be easily attached to the top without any hassle or fear to tear them apart. If you add 4 small padlocks you wouldn’t be able to take either top or stockings off (provided you locked the zipper as well 😉

The suits can be used for parties, cosplay events or even as normal clothes. But some small additions add a bit of pepper to otherwise looking pretty vanilla apparel. Note that zentai can be worn underneath or on top of the PVC suits.

Many thanks to Blacksheep for the link.

10 thoughts on “Rubber & Lover or Latex vs PVC”

  1. Nice post that started me off on a several hour trawl of the Japanese yahoo auction site! There seem to be plenty of delights available only to the japanese unless you know where to look – I found a seller/shop on there called “mahime” that sells some lovely stuff as well, but I am not sure I am prepared to pay the import costs….
    I think when choosing between latex and laquered spandex you need a bit of both – if I am lounging around at home I will usually go for something with a sporty look in spandex, if I am going to a fetish night I will normally get the latex catsuit out, and for any other night I will go for the lilac sparkly one – this has always been the most “popular” outfit from the point of view of the general public…
    Spandex is very easy to wear, latex takes more preparation but the public seem to appreciate the extra effort…there is also the fact that latex has a smell that spandex can never match – once it gets up to body temperature the smell is divine….

  2. Oh yeah.. I completely forgot about that mix of coffee, chocolate, vanille and one sort of white lilac. The latex smell is something I utterly adore and what can’t be substituted with anything.

    Added to all the pro&contra lists.

    And yeah, I second the rest you’ve said. Totally agree.

  3. yes, thank you ra, finally something other than latex thats shiny that i can wear 🙂

  4. yes, thank you ra, finally something other than latex thats shiny that i can wear 🙂

    im liking the leotards, i think i might look into those

  5. On the Rubber&Lover Japan website, the Japanese name for the suit featured in the picture at the very beginning of this blog entry is SUPER プレイスーツ, which is translated by Goggle as SUPER PUREISUTSU.

    The Japanese are known to invent transliterations of English words that do not exist in the Japanese language, so as to give their own people an easier time pronouncing the words. I’m guessing this must be one of those times, as Goggle appears to be translating the Japanese characters into their syllables using characters from the English alphabet. Therefore, PUREISUTSU is probably a transliteration of playsuit!

    The SUPER playsuit differs from the regular playsuit by having thigh-high, high-heeled boots on the legs as opposed to regular stockings. Boots are more expensive than stockings, of course, and the SUPER playsuit‘s price reflects that at all sizes.

  6. On the other hand, even if you know katakana or Google “pronounces” it for you, in many cases (for example, this one) it will not help.

    Self-bondage is “serufubonteji”. Makes perfect sense when you know what it stands for. Does not make any if you don’t 😉

    Anyway, Rubber&Lovers do not ship abroad… Pity…

  7. No, Rubber&Lover does not ship abroad, but if you live in Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand, then you can use VPostAsia.COM to have the items delivered to you. You do have to pay for this freight forwarding service, but it is a way of getting products from websites that only ship domestically in USA, Japan or Europe.

    Of course, such a freight-forwarding service is not very useful if you do not live in any of the five countries mentioned above.

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