22 hour downtime and demotivators

To make the long story short – it was a dead disk in the RAID array. After 20 hours it’s finally replaced, so I hope it will take 6-8 more hours to synchronize.

Then we can finally get back to the original problem – periodic disk overload.

See also Server error, address not available forum thread.

Sleepless nights, wasted hours… Yeah back to the demotivators.

4 thoughts on “22 hour downtime and demotivators”

  1. The main Idea of a raid is that you can switch a disk without loosing any data nor uptime of the server.

  2. Well the RAID @my work does phone home by itself…

    Someday ago a siemens technician arrived and told us that he has to switch a disk… Our EMC did phone home – there had been a message on a console but no one noticed it 😀

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