Aaaand another downtime…. Or sysadmin self-bondage

After a 14hour long battle with the hoster the problem has been sold. The VPS was inadvertently moved to another hosting server and when I started the old one (what I saw is that the server was down) there appeared two versions of the server running on the same IP-address.

So, sometimes I saw the old version of the forum with no latest MadJack’s posts (what gave me almost a heart-attack, because the last backup was made just before he posted his latest selfbondage adventures MJ-SB07/2011 – Back in the bag! and MJ-SB06/2011 – A different Chair tie — do not forget to check them out!) and sometimes the new version.

Anyway, I hope the period of the server administration self-bondage is over, what should theoretically free up some time for publishing. But for now, check what MadJack was busy with!

6 thoughts on “Aaaand another downtime…. Or sysadmin self-bondage”

  1. krinlyc ” wrote:

    new location – new errors

    Nah, the old errors are back. They run backup at 13:00CET, what brings the disk subsystem completely down for an hour.

    Sooo pissed off about all this hosting/admin ado, so I have little to no motivation to do anything about it. This web-site takes as much time as my daily job, but my job at least brings me some money.

  2. Oh Ra! Forever battling against the systems that are supposed to make life easier for us all… if only 🙂

    Glad to see the site is still here and greatful that you are dedicated (masochistic?)enough to put up with all the crap that happens

    As always, many thanks for all your efforts. 🙂

    Krinlyc? Not the krinlyc who used to have a rather lovely website full of encasement, lycra and a little self-bondage? Is it really you?


  3. Madjack ” wrote:

    that are supposed to make life easier for us

    Oh yes. Everything should just work. Totally agree. Usually it’s “Choose two from reliable, fast or cheap”. In this case, I would say: “a bit reliable, but slow and expensive”.

    Madjack ” wrote:

    Not the krinlyc who used to have a rather lovely website full of

    Sounds like him, but did he have a website? Interesting…

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