Latex stockings. Part IV. Glue vs garter belts

latex-stockings-17See Part I, Part II and Part III.

Latex stockings is perhaps not an overly popular fashion attribute but rather a mainstream fetish one and they are definitely belong to the top five latex things you have to buy first, along with gloves, panties, skirt and bra (if you’re a girl).

The question is – how to keep stockings in place? I do not like garter belts, because the stockings pull them down and the suspenders overstretch the latex and damage precious stockings. Simon O have special designs with reinforced holes, but the holes do not solve the rest of the problems. And garters do not always go with the rest of the outfit.

Some time ago I saw some shops sell a special glue to stick latex stockings and gloves to the skin. The glue could be removed with water and soap. There was even an ad in Marquise magazine. Does anybody know if such glue can be found anywhere?

BTW, there’s a related forum thread for using glue for self-encasing: ‘Permanent’ pantyhose encasement experiment gone wrong

Update: body adhesive on eBay – will it work?

See 10 photos below.

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