Living sculptures for your office. Part III

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Thick plottens. The bondage gets heavier, latex encases completely and this is not it – with added electro stimulation the sculpture will be a bit more living (evil smile).

Not sure about you guys, but this is one of the cases when I would like to try both sides – inside the latex cocoon and the chair in front of the monitors ;P

7 thoughts on “Living sculptures for your office. Part III”

  1. Has potential for SB, but probably not as fun without someone to admire the “artwork”.

    My idea of heaven though…

  2. rob ” wrote:

    Has potential for SB

    Mmm… Any particular ideas?

    rob ” wrote:

    not as fun without someone to admire the “artwork”.

    What about a photo/video/web-camera to share with us? ;-P

  3. Oh, just that it must be possible to make a stand which you could lock yourself into, and then have a key drop to your hands on a timed release, ice timer + string or whatever.

    You’d either have to bolt the stand to the floor to stop it falling over or have it connected to something in the ceiling. You certainly wouldn’t want to fall on your face held in a position like that!

    Unfortunately I have neither the metal working skill nor the time to build something like that (yet… haha).

    Actually you’re right, you could just stream a webcam cast somewhere. Could probably even make some money from it lol.

  4. Wonderful idea. Imagine working for a smallish company with two or three of these devices available and every day there is a random draw by the time clock. You take a ball from the pot – white ball – nothing – green ball you are the dresser/undresser for the day red ball you are it for the day. You have to report to the dressing room and take two more draws (a) costume (b) device!

    As a man drawing the above would be awesome and then having to stand in the large open plan office all day.

  5. You know, One could get a pallet, cover it with plywood and bolt the stand to it. When not in use (If that is possible) the center pipe could be removed and the whole stand can be stored away.

    I am also thinking of a light shade and making it a fetish lamp pole.

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