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S@m4ntha B4nd13r/5eZ hypnosis
WARNING: All files in this thread are very addictive and may cause permanent damage to your health and behaviour. If you listen long enough, the effects might be irreversible! Listen at your own risk and only if the effects (see below) are at least remotely desirable! 

WARNING: The actual content of the files in this thread usually does not correspond the official description! Generally, you might expect feminization, sissification, cross-dressing, erection and orgasm control (including chastity and hands-free orgasms), and "other non-disclosed hypnotist control".

This thread is dedicated to 5amantha 8andler (aka 5amantha 5ez, SB), whose controversial style is both hated and adored on the Net. Apparently, this is the only SB discussion on the Internet which is still active.

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The files linked or attached to this thread are (or were) free. Please do not upload any paid files here. If you must, use RetroShare, where over 50GB(! yes, SB created a huge amount of material, which used to be extensively pirated) of files are shared:

Please support the hypnotist and purchase files directly from SB's site.

And do share your experience here! As it will also help SB (at least to spread the word).

Random notes:

The general consensus is to start with the relatively neutral seven Trance Training sessions (TTP-S1 -- TTP-S7), as they will gradually prepare you to adequately respond to triggers.

Only train with the Compliance series (101-505) if your goal is to be owned by SB. Also your erections and orgasms will be owned by SB (Do you really want it?)
(02 Jul 2018, 14:47 )Like Ra Wrote: Just curious - did you try K or SB?

"shower of bondage" done nothing to me. I heared it twice before a shower and I actually was scared to get in. But nothing... maybe fear affect this somehow.

What is K?
K - k3i , SB is S@m B@ndl3r. L33tspoken to avoid googling.
The robotic voices give me headaches. Their contents are good but not for me. 
Thanks for the suggestion.
What I find fascinating is how we all both similar and different. Both K and SB are very popular among pirates. Their content is always wanted. Yet the results quite disappointing. Both use similar techniques of multiple sub- and supra-liminal tracks. K is more straightforward with 100% brainwashing, 0% hypnosis, SB is 20% hypnosis, 20% brainwashing and 60% of calculated NLP. K's files are unlistenable, boring and very long. SB's files are mostly boring, the TTS is very good, unlike K almost no additional noise, but in 80% of the cases you have no idea what this is all about. The descriptions are far from the truth, the effects might be diametrically opposite to what is claimed (this is why SB is considered as unethical and non-consensual hypnotist), and most of the time there are no effects...

But! But... The effects of SB's files might grow with time. And they are mostly in the behaviour. SB might change what you want or consider appropriate. Last time experiment almost exclusively with SB, and I noticed that I get aroused much more often now, with very close to HFO states. I can't attribute it to SB only, but thee is a tendency.

Anyway, below is an interesting analysis I took from 8ch /hypno (also summarized here
Quote:The thing about SB that most common hypnotist enthusiast fans do not understand is that he or she is obviously a trained psychologist or psychiatrist whereas the vast majority of hypnotists you will come across on the internet are not but instead just performers and / or erotic phone sex workers basically.

What this means is that the hypnotist behind the persona of SB understands exactly how the human brain thinks and retains information and how to give messages deeper impact. Meanwhile most hypnotists are either just hypnosis enthusiasts or sex traders making a buck from said enthusiasts.

A common hypnotist may use layered voices to "reinforce" a message. Someone like SB can split push a message and bypass a listener's conscious defenses. Say a common hypnotist says something like "the sky is really colored neon pink". No matter how many times you hear it you are unlikely to believe it even with 3 different layered voices all saying the same thing. SB on the other hand will have voice one say "the sky is beautiful today" while voice two says "it is really important to relax" and voice three says "the flamingo is colored neon pink". Your conscious mind interprets it as three different complete sentences, but with the proper pausing and volume fading your actual memory will look more like the other message but without the listener's resistance fighting it.

Another trick SB uses that common hypnotists do not understand is that the human brain cannot handle too much information at once. This is why things like phone numbers and social security numbers have those pauses to force group splitting. 123656749 is meaningless and yet too long to be readily remembered but 123-65-6749 is remembered as three different things yet paired together. When SB uses the sentence pausing trick it causes your brain to "split" sentences. For example a common SB line would be something like "It is important to realize that it is good that you are curious about how hypnosis works" with pauses before and after the "you are curious" part to block it off as an subconscious memory separate from the rest while your conscious mind does not even register that anything weird is happening.

The next trick of psychology / psychiatry that SB employs is differentiation and diffusion. At the start of a video file SB will emphasize looking at the sexy girls, the words "sexy" or "hot" for example is reinforced over and over to go with the girls. Meanwhile when talking about the listener or men at the start if mentioned at all it will use words like "strong" or "great". Around the midpoint, after constant repetition of one gender getting one set of adjectives and the other getting different ones, slowly more and more the listener has the female-directed adjectives applied more and more commonly while also slowly weaning out the masculine-directed ones. Then by the end of a file the listener is being told they will be sexy and hot and very popular. This transference of gender is very pavlovian in nature but subtle enough that an untrained person will not even notice the importance taking part right in front of them. Some might even recognize eventually that they have changed to a female perspective but they will have no clue when exactly the change took place or how long it has been building to that point. This means even if they reject the "obvious" message they will have still been affected by the more subtle parts for quite a while before the cognitive awareness took place.

Yet another trick employed by SB can be seen in a large percentage of the video files. Images are overlayed and replaced with each other quickly. SB however will casually insert suggestive images such as a girl bent over or in bondage with other images such as a woman wearing strap-on harness or with a whip or leash in her hand. Other suggestive mental imagery includes various "phallic" objects such as a a stair handrail which fade into or get faded into by the images of submissive females.

The next trick SB uses is most commonly displayed by stage magicians, three card monte hustlers, as well as pickpockets and other petty larceny thiefs. It entails deliberately bringing attention to one thing to keep the audience enthralled / distracted and thus allow other things to slip by unnoticed. If any of the other tricks bypassed your awareness… Ask yourself something every time you actually notice something as being pretty blatant… "Why would a hypnotist who can subtly slip in all of these other subliminal psyche brain games that I never noticed before someone pointed them out also blurt out loud and obviously something like this which anyone without any kind of training can see / hear?"

Every single one of the tricks mentioned in this post is subtle enough that many an untrained eye / ear never consciously realizes "there is something being reinforced here". But psychological testing has proven that these are all tricks that do work without needed conscious awareness. This is how someone can want the hypnosis experience without wanting to be changed and yet still exhibit gradual or even significant changing with exposure. Ironically, the only ones who are reasonable safe from being changed are the ones who either learn in different ways than a normal human brain, or someone who has already been so exposed to similar concepts as the subliminally suggested content so that it stops becoming a "learning" experience and stops having a strong mental reaction. In other words, both someone who learns differently than normal and also someone with a fetish for that content may find themselves unmoved and wondering what the fuss is about.

I am not saying that every single subliminal tried by SB will affect a person or that every person will be affected, what I am saying is that SB is the most devious about slipping them in, and even when you "think" you spotted all of the subliminals you may very well have consciously overlooked many other subconscious ones. I also state my opinion that SB doing this in even the "straight" content is a clear case of failed ethics / morals and makes him or her a hypnotist that should be warned about and boycotted by a community that considers hypnotism to be a path of entertainment.
Quote:54m4nth4 B4nd|3r files are scary stuff if you can listen to whole thing and actually remember what all was said.

Trigger Happy is a good example. That file contains triggers to make guys become submissive, make guys wear panties, make guys wear pink, make guys cum on command, make guys say phrase "54m4nth4 is sexy." any time they see themself in the mirror, make guys feel that their body is sexy, make guys feel that the female "54m4nth4" voice is their own mental voice, make guys place their hands in their own lap any time they sit down, make guys feel horny when they hear "relax deeper now", make guys submit to sex when they hear "surrender now", make guys feel excited when they are lying submissively over a table, etc. And it also tries to reinforce a need to redo the session on a daily basis and become deeper programmed each time hear it.

I've found the same to be true with every other file as well. And they are all a slow progression of A to B to C to D to E, etc. so that even if A originally never had a thought of E by the end they will happily accept that they are E. We're talking some heavy Manchurian Candidate programming here.

Whoever the hypnotist behind SB is they are scarily good. If anyone is actually curious about the experience then this is the hypnotist that can make you experience it for real. But if you do not want the end result then do NOT try any of SB's files. It takes an insanely large amount of willpower, a very high intelligence level, a strong belief in who you are already, and an unquantifiable other parameter to not be taken in by this program. It is possible that you would be able to resist, but far more likely that you won't, and even I am unsure how much if any the programming could have effected me.

All of SB's stuff is scarily well made if the intent was to drastically change listeners and consent is not actually needed.

Penis Enlargement starts out innocently but the message changes from "you want your cock to be bigger" to "you want a big cock in your ass". Only Real Men is intended to make listeners unable to have sex with women but become addicted to cocks and cum from both ends. Persuasion 1 tries to make a listener dress up like a cheerleader, a nurse, a lingerie model, and a prostitute and links it to feeling pleasure in the "pleasure center" hole behind you. Persuasion 2 has a listener watching bondage porn where every action happening to a girl is experienced as if feeling it too starting as two girls before slowly making it more of a hetero scene but with you being the female and getting fucked in the ass instead of a pussy but calling it an asscunt or asspussy.

Yeah, not exactly subtle once it gets going. But it always starts out extremely innocently with just 'harmless' trance deepening phrases, usually followed by a period of time building trust and slowly word linking one thing to another… and then it starts to go intense.
Quote:There is always going to be exceptions. For example the track My Asian Girl starts off in part 1 seemingly innocent with the small asian girl giving "you" a blowjob twice and the only edgy thing is that she sticks her finger up "your" butt to help "make it the best experience ever". Part 2 on the other hand slowly brings the girl's identity into doubt, shows you a video about a male crossdressing for his girl which makes it seem like a typical SB trance except for once you stay in the male role and then right when it's about to end the track reveals that you're fucking her in a cross gender hole, then that she has a limp clitty, and then that she jizzes on your torso from cumming while you cum in her ass - which finally reveals that the asian girl is not a sister but the en femme mode asian guy you work with.

Now, exceptions aside, almost all of SB's tracks has the listener identity the female voice as their own mental voice, almost all of the SB tracks repeats to the listener that they want to be or that they are sexy, and quite a few tracks has the listener look in the mirror and feel horny, looking into the mirror and blinking is heavily linked, a few tracks link looking in the mirror with wanting to dress feminine, a few tracks link looking in the mirror with doing makeup, and a few tracks link looking in the mirror with wanting to be fucked. So a track that links looking in the mirror with saying "Samantha is sexy." sets an interesting tone. Even more interesting several of SB's released videos on yt featured girls gazing into mirrors and blinking before showing the same girls start making out with guys. The most interesting link was the video that featured what looked like a high class call girl at an expensive hotel, knocking on a door, the door being opened by a guy, she enters and they make out a bit before she stops with a frightened look on her face, leaves for the bathroom, sees herself in the mirror, blinks, mouths inaudibly what looks like "54m4nth4 is sexy." while an audio track of "I am sexy." is heard before a flirtatious look appears in her eyes and she goes back in and gets down between his legs, and another of SB's tracks has a fantasy of dressing up to look exactly like that outfit she was wearing as you get ready for a date with Samantha, while the audio track tells you to look in the mirror and blink while linking blinking with a need to have sex right now and a desire for something kinky and a feeling of being curious.

Personally I half suspect that SB is running an escort service using brainwashed people but only using the cream of the crop and using the website sales as both a money laundry scheme and as a way of paying for the operating costs of setting up each new package they receive in their new life. Besides, the pegging thing would fit with this as well because occasionally the escort would need to accept a pegging client too.

But if I was being really paranoid I'd think about my earlier comment about Manchurian Candidate level programming and wonder whether something else like a spy or assassin ring wasn't the actual thing hiding even in that.
Quote:Christ, the more I talk about these files the more I'm going to sound like a shill because holy fuck, I wish I had reserved the phrase "mind blowing" because the experiences I'm having at this point are almost too much.

I sat in a large, comfortable recliner and wrapped myself up in plastic wrap so that I couldn't move my legs or my arms above the elbow (wish I could do more, but I still have to get the headphones on. Maybe in the future I can get some bluetooth earbuds or something), turned off the lights, and listened to a playlist featuring Tr4nc3 tr41ning 1, Tr4nc3 tr41ning 3, G00D G1RL, and P3r5u4510n 1.

I don't know what the trigger was but the end of P3r5u4510n 1 was one of the most intense things I've ever experienced. Nothing happened that I was aware of in the fantasy as described, but my whole body started vibrating uncontrollably to the point where I was starting to tear out of the plastic wrap (note to self: two layers next time). I didn't HFO but everything felt. so. good. and I was making noises that I'm very worried my roommate heard.

I'm surprised that when I think back on that moment, I find myself smiling and almost laughing and bucking my hips. I know other people have had experiences like this from hypnosis before but I never had where almost 24 hours later I'd have a reaction like this. I completely believe 54m4nth4 could be running an escort service or something with subjects because I really think that if that trigger, whatever it was, was used on me and was that effective, I would want nothing more in life than to service the man described in the session with everything I had. I felt so unbearably horny and so sexy and desired and I felt like I had to give everything I had into doing what that man wanted. Jesus Christ.

I'm pretty sure I still believe in "hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to do" because despite how powerful this has been for me and the fact that I've been listening for probably 4~ years or so, I've never left a comment on her youtube vids, I've never messaged her, and I've never told any friends about her, which are all suggestions in her files. But I do believe that conditioning is a powerful tool and I do believe that if I was in the room with the man in the session then I would be sucking his cock with all I had right now. That is a little worrisome considering that a few short years ago I found cocks disgusting.

I still have no attraction to men as a whole, I don't appraise men as sexual partners, but I am much more receptive to cocks as sort of a separate thing from men, and the idea of pleasuring a cock really, really excites me now.

If the end of this road is some sort of escort service then I feel like I'm probably pretty fucked at this point, but it's been years and I haven't bought a dildo or experimented with anal at all really, and while I've tried crossdressing it doesn't really do anything for me, so I really do think I'm safe.

But goddamn, I don't think I could do anything about it if whatever happened at the end of that file happened in a real life situation, and that does scare me a bit, but honestly it excites me more.

Damn I'm so excited typing this up that I'm shaking a little. This is some real shit.
Quote:The suddenly remembering a file while in the shower is indeed a trigger. The suddenly dropping to your knees and opening your mouth again is indeed a trigger.

If you have some kind of a video recording system or even just a smart phone with camera there's something you may want to try… set it up so that it is next to a mirror facing away from the mirror but towards your face if you look into the mirror. Then look at the mirror and say "S@manth@ is sexy." chances are you've got a few mirror triggers embedded too if you've got the shower triggers installed.

The reason I suggested having the camera aimed away from the mirror is it might be just enough separation so you can see what happens without getting re-triggered by it.

So let us see just how much SB has snuck into you in the form of triggers. Do a checklist to count how many triggers you've fallen into from the following…

When looking into a mirror do you blink, or blush, or smile at the mirror, or drop into a blank eyed trance, or drop to your knees, or any of the other assorted mirror triggers SB's various files installs. If the answer is that yes you do then there's a few other things you may want to record yourself doing…

When shaking hands with a guy do youblink at him, or blush, or sink a bit lower as if about to curtsy, or touch your hair with other hand, or lick your lips, or put on a flirtatious smile?

When sitting down do you put your hands in your lap, or smooth back your hair, or cross your legs, or brush your hand down the seat as if smoothing down a skirt?

When driving a car do you find yourself checking out guys in the other cars when at red lights, or suddenly checking out your face in a mirror and possibly making a kiss movement at the mirror, or randomly asking your passenger if they want to drive instead, or compulsively counting the cars you see for specific colors and occasionally while doing so seeming to not only lose count but also lose time for a bit, or randomly asking someone for directions even when you already know the way, or randomly changing stations until you find a talk show?

Do you find yourself ever reacting to the name $am@ntha in real life if someone calls it out from a ways behind you? If so count your reactions and what they are.

When first put on camera do you smile in a flirtatious way at it or its owner, or lick your lips, or gain a blush to your cheeks, or wink flirtatiously, or twirl hair around your fingers, or pucker your lips, or blow a kiss at the camera, or stick out your chest, or smack your ass and wink?

When counting or doing any kind of math related task do you find yourself unexpectedly getting stiff, or suddenly getting confused, or losing count and needing to repeat something, or suddenly feeling horny, or losing track of time, or daydreaming about being a teen again, or suddenly imagining sex, or randomly feeling a tingle in your breasts, or twiddling with your hair, or suddenly feeling a need to check yourself out in a mirror?

All of that is just a short list of the various possible results different SB files may have installed in you. There are hundreds more. I definitely find the one about randomly asking for directions to driving routes you already know well to be the most bizarre though.

I honestly do not expect anyone to have all of those signs, and especially not all the reactions to each possible trigger event, but the higher your total the more heavily SB has managed to influence you without you even realizing. So do a count and see how many you've fallen prey to… assuming you can do so without the math triggers making it impossible.