Body adhesive “It stays!”. Will it?

body adhesive it staysLong time ago in one of the fetish magazines I read an article about a body adhesive, that use can use to glue, say, latex or nylon stockings, gloves, swimsuits, bra. etc. to the skin.
“Interesting idea”, I thought. You will not need garter belt for your latex stockings, pantyhose and opera gloves will not roll down. But I could not find that glue anywhere, the URL from the article stopped working long before and there was nothing in the on-line shops I usually use.

And suddenly I found it again here, on eBay. From the description:

Body Adhesive used to adhere swimsuit, evening gown, apparel surgical stockings, surgical and orthopedic belts and devices, athletic taping, eyeglasses, men’s and women’s socks, knee socks, nylons, pantyhose, shoulder straps, wigs, toupees, theatrical make up and devices, or anything else you want to stay put to your skin, to prevent wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ on stage or in performance.

It Stays! will hold until you choose to remove it. When removing article simply lift off, it will not pull skin or hair. Washes off with soap and water, will not stain clothing or skin. Clear 2 ounce bottle should last over a year. Branded ‘It Stays’, it really does! Superior to spray adhesives that stick to clothing, hair and other objects, ‘It Stays’ goes on quickly, removes quickly.

Did anybody try to use the body adhesives? Do they work as described?

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