butt-plug-02-intimidatorLet’s start with the technical parameters of The Intimidator Anal Plug:

  • Size: 11″ (28cm) in length, tapers to 3.75″ (9.5cm) in width
  • Material: Silagel
  • This product is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex and cadmium-free
  • Specially designed for advanced anal play users

One thing is clear – there’s no way you can get it completely in (unless your name is Patrick Andraste ;-), but you can insert at least the first 10-12cm.

My idea is a selfbondage scenario where you have two choices: either very uncomfortably stand with your knees bent (a rope between your waist and ankles should do the trick), or sit on this monster. Or (ideally) the choices are: this plug anally or another one orally (I mean deep-throating).

Question: is it possible to sit on this plug without being torn apart?

The plug can be placed on a chair, to which you will be bound (legs to legs). Arms can be tied to a bolt in the ceiling, so you will be able to keep your balance using arms.

Or the plug can be mounted on the floor and you will stay on you knees (the waist-ankles rope will be shorter in this case). To prevent falling on your side, your rope harness or arms should be tied to the bolt in the ceiling.

The deep-throating scenario is more difficult to realize. You need a stationary pole to which the body- and head- harness will be tied. Also the deep-throating plug should be fixed to this pole and be long enough to be inserted 10cm in your mouth when you would sit on the butt-plug at lest halfway down (it should be almost impossible to achieve). The reason is that you still can bend your spine in order to avoid double penetrating.

Any ideas on time-release? Do we need a separate forum thread for such scenarios?