State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VII. The Intimidator Anal Plug and self-bondage scenarios

butt-plug-02-intimidatorLet’s start with the technical parameters of The Intimidator Anal Plug:

  • Size: 11″ (28cm) in length, tapers to 3.75″ (9.5cm) in width
  • Material: Silagel
  • This product is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex and cadmium-free
  • Specially designed for advanced anal play users

One thing is clear – there’s no way you can get it completely in (unless your name is Patrick Andraste ;-), but you can insert at least the first 10-12cm.

My idea is a selfbondage scenario where you have two choices: either very uncomfortably stand with your knees bent (a rope between your waist and ankles should do the trick), or sit on this monster. Or (ideally) the choices are: this plug anally or another one orally (I mean deep-throating).

Question: is it possible to sit on this plug without being torn apart?

The plug can be placed on a chair, to which you will be bound (legs to legs). Arms can be tied to a bolt in the ceiling, so you will be able to keep your balance using arms.

Or the plug can be mounted on the floor and you will stay on you knees (the waist-ankles rope will be shorter in this case). To prevent falling on your side, your rope harness or arms should be tied to the bolt in the ceiling.

The deep-throating scenario is more difficult to realize. You need a stationary pole to which the body- and head- harness will be tied. Also the deep-throating plug should be fixed to this pole and be long enough to be inserted 10cm in your mouth when you would sit on the butt-plug at lest halfway down (it should be almost impossible to achieve). The reason is that you still can bend your spine in order to avoid double penetrating.

Any ideas on time-release? Do we need a separate forum thread for such scenarios?

14 thoughts on “State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VII. The Intimidator Anal Plug and self-bondage scenarios”

  1. Are you asking of a way to eather sit on plug #1 to ease the plug #2 out of your mouth and to ease the plug #1 you will have to push plug #2 deeper in the mouth?

    Like a sea-saw motion. Sit or swollow?

  2. I said it last time and I’ll say it again this time… terrifying! It looks like something from a medieval torturers tool kit!

    Way toooo BIG for me! Imagine accidently slipping down onto it in Ra’s scenario… ARRGGGHHH!


  3. Tinker D ” wrote:

    Are you asking of a way to eather sit on plug #1 to ease the plug #2 out of your mouth and to ease the plug #1 you will have to push plug #2 deeper in the mouth?

    Like a sea-saw motion. Sit or swollow?

    Yep, my idea exactly. I would love to try that, but I can’t devise a working solution yet.

  4. Madjack ” wrote:

    Imagine accidently slipping down onto it in Ra’s scenario…

    And I would like to know what’s going to happen. Probably nothing, but probably something very bad.

  5. Yea, to make it work right, Your head would need to be held back, Like that of a sword swallower. Then a pole with a dildo would be place in a posision that if you were to be able take the whole buttplug (resting on your Bumb) then the the dildo would be about an inch or so inside your mouth. Not enough to spit it out, but deep enough that you can’t get off the buttplug.

    Just thinking here.

  6. Tinker D ” wrote:

    Your head would need to be held back

    Yes, absolutely.

    Tinker D ” wrote:

    an inch or so inside your mouth. Not enough to spit it out

    Very easy. One inch is nothing, unless the head if tightly fixed in place, so you can’t turn it, and the spine is tied to a pole, so you can’t bend it. But in this case this scenario will not work. Hence I mentioned 4 inches

  7. OK, 4 inches. Still, it is do-able.

    Or better yet, to escape, you will need to take ALL of that buttplug. It may take a few hours or so to slowly work it in to escape, But just look at the size of that log that comes out in the toilet.

    Talk about an ass training session.

  8. Taking the Intimidator all the way is fully possible, theoretically. I’ve read descriptions of ERs removing things like a dried concrete enema (which made a perfect cast of the rectum). It’s just a matter of how much you can actually fit. ERs use chemical muscle relaxants, then pry the sphincter open using a speculum for such purposes. Before you set up Tinker D’s idea of taking the whole thing to release, I’d just make it optional. That said, reviews suggest the Intimidator is among the best training tools for anal – it’s a pretty constant and gradual gradient, you just need to find a stable way to lower yourself onto it (for some, squatting works; others are not exactly stable that way, and falling and slamming it in all the way would likely cause damage.)

    For the oral dildo, something long, thin and flexible would probably be best. If it’s too rigid, you need to take it sword-swallower style, which gets kinda hard on the neck, especially if you’re vertical (on your back at the edge of the bed works better, since the side of the mattress provides a bit of head support, but that position is pretty immobile. Perhaps a silicone double-dildo tied to something near one end?

    The best spit-roast/from both ends scenario I’ve heard of is a doggy style position, and it’s best done with toys you can take more or less the same depth. If they’re light enough, suction cups will work, though a lot of the bigger toys with suction cups are really only meant to hold it to a floor or seat rather than a wall – the weight going sideways just peels it off (to my immense dissatisfaction). There are other options like the Vac-u-lock system that are designed for horizontal use (Vac-u-lock specifically for strap-ons and fucking machines), or you could make some modifications to make a more secure hardware mount to the wall/side of a piece of furniture, depending on the home situation. Tie yourself in something roughly doggy style, with a dildo mounted facing your ass and mouth, close enough together that they will both be inside you at full position. I still suggest only semi-rigid for the oral one – if you gag on it too much and vomit, you’ll want to pull away so it doesn’t choke you, but that depends on how much you trust your deepthroating capabilities. Ideally, the tie doesn’t give you much freedom, but you must be able to wiggle forward and back a fair bit. Thus you can slide back and take the toy in the ass with the mouth pleasantly wrapped around the tip, or you can slide forward and deepthroat the toy while giving your ass a rest. I think it’s best done in a DIY dungeon setup, since the positioning has to be done to your exact size. If the vomiting issue is at all a concern, it’d probably be best to have a triggerable release mechanism, rather than something timed.

    I guess there’s no reason you couldn’t rig a vertical equivalent of this, but it’ll be a far less forgiving position…and you need to be able to take the anal toy all the way without difficulty, in case you lose your footing, unless you have some means of preventing a fall.

  9. Got it used it love it butt,, you will need to cut the top off in my case about 3″ from the head. its solid rubber and cuts easily. love it now.

  10. wayne ” wrote:

    you will need to cut the top off in my case about 3″ from the head.

    Do you use only the part you cut off from the top? Or the rest (the bottom)?

  11. Spitroast is familiar. : )

    Oral: vaculock dildo;
    1) Using any sharp, sufficiently-long object, shove it through the length, then quickly slide back and forth. The friction will widen the hole and rubber shavings will come out. In ~10 min you will be able to run a 1/4inch outer-diameter tube through it, connecting to either liquid or using it as a breathing hole.
    2) Place 3 bungie cords’ hooks into the vaculock hole, shorten the other ends so that you can hook them behind your head (2 back of neck, one between the eyes).
    3) Using non-stretchable plastic twine or similar, cut one piece long enough to tie it to the 3 hooks in the vaculock hole, and the other end to something (solid) in front of your bondage position. This is both a leash and a limit, allowing you to pull the dildo out of your mouth by leaning back.
    4) Cut another piece of twine to size and wrap the center around the 3 hooks in the vaculock hole, and tie a bow knot behind your head such that the dildo is mostly out of your mouth, but not completely.

    The bungie cords pull it into your mouth, the long twine pulls it out by leaning back, while the twine wrapped around your head limits how far you can pull it out.

    Get a decent electric air pump, hose clamps, 1/4 or 1/2 inch OD tubing, a valve, one or several T- or Y-junctions fitting the tubing, one or more inflatable hemorrhoid chair ring(s), and either a outlet timer, x10 appliance controller, or manual 12V switch to control the air pump.

    1) Cut and clamp tubing such that it connects the pump to the T-junction to the hemorrhoid ring(s). Connect a short bit of tubing to the other open T-junction, then to the valve. Poke a single, tiny pinhole into the short piece of tubing. This is your automatic deflation timer, with the valve being a quick release. Add more holes to increase deflation speed. Customize several short tubing lengths for different speeds.

    2a) Set the ring(s) on a chair, inflated, set the Intimidator in the center. Use twine to secure everything to the chair. Sit. As the rings deflate – slowly – enjoy. Trigger the pump to inflate the rings and raise you.

    2b) Set 2 blocks on the floor, one for each butt cheek, separated by the inflated ring cushion, on edge, with the Intimidator tied to the vertical inflated ring. Add sufficient stuff under the ring to raise it to a suitable height. Tie everything together to keep it from moving. Deflate. Sit. Re-inflate to taste. Repeat. : )

    Note1: Using a timer without an emergency cutoff switch is Dumb.
    Note2: The cushion and air pump probably aren’t / shouldn’t be strong enough to do too much damage even in worst case scenario. If they are, you over-engineered it.

  12. Interesting scenario. Very interesting. Complex – yes. Doable? Mmmm…. Not sure.

    OK, need to find out what hemorrhoid chair rings are…

    Thanks much!!!

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