cb6000-01Update Nov 21, 2009 @ 01:38

Forgot to tell that I bought the CB6000 on eBay for half of the usual price (“Buy now”, BTW, not an auction). If you are going to buy one I would strongly advice you to check eBay periodically (also click on “See all matching items from international sellers” under the search results.)

More things after Session 65 (to be posted later on).

  • After both Session 64 and Session 65 (the cb6000 was locked over the piss condom built into latex tights) I could easily slide it off without unlocking. Of course, good lube and limp state helped, but as I mentioned below you can’t use short spacers and narrow cuffs with latex penis sheaths with shallow ball sacks. Very painful.

    Unless you are into serious CBT. I am not.

  • I think the “orgasmic capabilities” of the cb6000 depend on three factors:
    1. your abilities (he-he, always ;-)
    2. power of the vibrator
    3. relative sizes of your penis and the cage. The cage may break and seriously pinch (see below)

    I could not reach a second climax during one self-bondage session – need better batteries. Tried twice.

  • Try to combine various stimulations (always helps)

Update Nov 19 @ 14:01

Another myth is busted. I would call CB6000 an orgasm machine.

Just tape a small vibrator underneath the cage and … I bursted within half a minute! The whole construction vibrates! You feel like the sweet spot migrates. Very strange sensation. If combined with proper attributes (see upcoming Session 64) it will send you to a subspace ;-)

Buy the most powerful accumulators available. Mine (2x 2700mAh) died in two hours.

Posted on Nov 18 @ 16:40
As I mentioned in this thread, I bought a CB6000. Playing with it for a couple of days revealed two types of frustration related to this device.

Good frustrations

  • It works. Indeed, I could not climax despite my best efforts.
  • It keeps constant arousal (the best frustration so far). Not sure if it was the original idea of using chastity belts ;-)
  • It’s made out of clear plastic, so you can clearly see what’s going on inside (poor guy)
  • Proper lubricating the inside of the cage makes you move, because it feels sooo sweet, but see the first item ;-)
  • The padlock has only ONE key

Bad frustrations

  • The plastic (especially the pins) can easily be broken. The device is obviously not intended to actually force the wearer to wear it. One twist of the padlock and it will fall apart. So it’s more for imagination or for a bound person
  • It’s painful (can be good for some people). When the penis “inflates” in feels in all space including the cage holes and cut-outs. I strongly recommend wearing a piss condom underneath the cage.
  • Wearing it under clothes (especially discreetly) is virtually impossible. Probably under skirts. In all other cases it does not fit inside trousers or jeans.
  • To get in you have to calm your guy down, but with the cuff cutting the blood circulation it very difficult to achieve
  • It does not work with penis sheaths with small ball sacks. I tried the biggest cuffs/spacers with these pants to no avail. Painful, the pins bend down, sitting is almost impossible. Pity, because it was my original idea on how to use the CB6000.
  • The padlock has only ONE key

The bottom line

This construction is good for self-bondagers who want to prevent either intended (when already bound) or not intended (which ruins the not yet started selfbondage session) masturbation. Preventing masturbation was the main reason I bought it.

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