DIY/hadware vs sex-shops and some food for kinky thoughts. Part I

Absolutely the same house-hold latex gloves have very different price tags in house-hold and sex-shops. Those with some imagination and DIY skills can save (or get?) even more. Here’s what I’ve got from Hornbach (a well-known DIY-store chain in DE and NL) for €36.70:

  • 3x4m 0.5mm PVC sheet for €21.60. I saw there 1mm PVC and rubber versions. “Officially” intended for ponds, but ideal to cover you play area. Latex is silkier, softer and smells nicer, but it’s much more expensive and delicate. You wouldn’t want to ruin it with a heel or a stud, would you?
  • Curtain rings and hangers for €3.95. Different sizes, different materials (wood, plastic, transparent plastic, metal). I bought plastic, 40mm. Works perfectly as a cock ring. You need a thicker version? Put on 2, 3, 4 rings.
  • Tube connectors and adapters for enemas, plugs and gags (originally for aquariums). €3.50 each.
  • And then several items (32-40mm in diameter) to make a chastity belt (for less than €4). No particular plan, but I have a couple of ideas.

7 thoughts on “DIY/hadware vs sex-shops and some food for kinky thoughts. Part I”

  1. I love the idea of turning everyday items into something sexy (and secret).

    Can’t wait to see some of your creations! 🙂


  2. On a similar note, all though not quite DIY, I managed to pick up some storage twist ties from a local £1 shop. Comes 2 in a pack and are virtually the same as a ‘spank tie’ just not £11. Bargin!

  3. I’ve just made a chastity belt. It works and it’s lockable 😉 I’m currently wearing it under pantyhose and a swimsuit.

  4. A contest ? See what you can make with a handfull of parts.

    And I would like to see how you made your chastity belt.

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