Flag-holder-bondage-butt-plug for DIY (self-)bondage devices

20130520_155156-flag-holderI never stop looking for anything that can possibly be related to bondage or selfbondage. Today we’ve been to Hornbach (NL, BE, DE DIY hardware shop) and I spotted this (cast?) iron flag holder. Now tell me, what was your first thought when you noticed this photo?

Anyway,you know my perverted mind. I’m thinking about using this erected iron cock as a bondage butt-plug (see the post title). It can be bolted to a wall or a vertically fixed pole exactly at such a level that the bottom of the holder is at the same height as your “rear entry” when you stand on the floor (or plus high heels if you want). So after you sit on it (you will have to use a small stool) you will not be able to go anywhere unless the stool is within your reach. Add some basic bondage, proper fetish clothes, do not forget to fix you body to the pole/wall to prevent accidental falling and voila!

But a safer idea is to bolt the holder to a big veneer sheet (or to the floor if you want), so you will be bound “horizontally”. In this case your legs can be bound together (what I would not recommend in the previous case) and locked in place by an ice-lock. When the ice releases you, you can take yourself off the hook and crawl to the knife to cut off the wrist rope.

Any other ideas?

3 thoughts on “Flag-holder-bondage-butt-plug for DIY (self-)bondage devices”

  1. How come you get all the fun stuff in mainland Europe? Here in the UK all the flag holders I’ve found are made from cheap, sharp edged, thin metal, not the nice rounded quality built type in your picture! 🙁

    Maybe another option would be to use it in a ‘forced deep throat’ scenario? Mount the holder on the floor, with a nice latex dildo fixed inside. Add a collar, chain and some ice release method you could tie yourself up so that you where held with the dildo deep-throating you until the ice melted?


  2. Madjack ” wrote:

    ade from cheap, sharp edged, thin metal

    Yes, noticed them too 😉

    Madjack ” wrote:

    Maybe another option would be to use it in a ‘forced deep throat’ scenario?

    Sure, I was thinking about this scenario as well ;P Two flag holders mounted to a veneer sheet “facing” each other. One “bare”, one with dildo, or both with dildos. So you can choose with way to go. One of my dream scenarios.(Will add it to What is your bondage or self-bondage dream? )

  3. I have just thought of another variation…

    Just as you have it above, but adding a third holder in just the right position for something ‘personal’ to be inserted into it…

    Depending on the sizes of the holder and the ‘personal insertion’ a tight fit might become a ‘stuck fit’ if you became too excited.

    Just a thought.. 🙂


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