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Updated on Oct 23, 2012 @ 00:30: MJ-SB03/2012 – Back in the bag and MJ-SB04/2012 – Bagged on the bed, MJ-SB05/2012 – legs spread and suspended on the bed – MadJack’s latest selfbondage vacuum bag sessions.

Published on Oct 17, 2012 @ 23:12: While I was away (from the site) for several weeks, lots of interesting things happened in the forum. Let’s see here:

self-bondage in shiny swimsuit, stockings and high heels.Tight spread-eagle selfbondage with electromagnetic time-lock by steve6322. Very clever design and excellent outfit (I love the view of that shiny swimsuit with a good erection inside 😉

Self-bondage, fetish and children this thread is referred to quite often during the last week. Read the story of 17yo Cloud. Indeed, some of us also noticed that (self)bondage has a calming and protective effect.

Selfbondage video on YouTube More videos found (not only on YouTube).

selfbondage in a vacuum bagWhat to do with myself – an envious position but also a tricky one – MadJack had some spare time alone. He did not manage to complete all planned sessions, but the the vacuum bag one looks very promising.

Selfbondage rope elbow tie and Modification of Nancy’s Shibari selfbondage Box Tie – Strappado is investigating the possibility to place yourself in a strict Japanese-style box-tie. This is the tie I’m very interested in. If you have any ideas – you are very welcome in these threads.

selfbondage in lycraQuick test with new rope ratchet – Anne is testing a new one-way tightening device. You can call it a test, but for me it was a pretty much complete(d) self-bondage session.

Did I forget anything else? Let me know! Also, please let me know if you have any ideas how to make the self-bondage section more structured.

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