Anal-hook locked to collar. Selfbondage ideas and scenarios

anal_hook-06-collarWhat: Stainless steel anal hook connected to a collar by an adjustable steel bar. The diameter of the collar, the shape and size of the hook can be chosen.

Where: the item, the seller

Why: It is very logical to connect an anal hook to a collar or a gag (harness) and make it lockable. Bobbi@TTDB “did it himself” and with a great success. I was thinking about repeating his design (wooden stock), but I was too lazy. This steel lockable construction is very promising and it immediately joined my wish list.

Let’s see what you can do with it, considering the quality is good and the device is robust:

We have three ingredients in one:

  1. Lockable butt-plug (already an interesting thing)
  2. lockable collar (nothing special unless combined with something else, for example, zentai suit to make the hood also lockable)
  3. steel bar that does not allow you bend forward or backward

anal_hook-06-collarThe plug and collar can be used to male catsuits or zentai suits lockable. The actual bondage comes from the bar. It will not allow you to easily crawl around, while bound. It will not allow to lay on your back if you arms are bound behind your back (I know that from my own experience – see Session 74). It will not allow you to bend forward and touch your private parts (no masturbation allowed!) if your arms are loosely tied to the collar in the front (for keyboard/mouse access, reading a book or comfortable sleeping).

Adjustable length is a very nice feature, even if the construction used for the same person.

If you make the bar too short you will have to bend backwards a bit. Probably not healthy for long wear, and I’m not sure if the collar won’t dig in your neck. Needs to be tested before any real sessions.

Normal length is good for keeping a proper posture. You can sit, walk around, sleep, be bound, but bending is not an option.

And finally – 10-12cm longer than fully inserted. In this case I would order a long hook with a big steel ball at the end. If you stay, the steel ball will move down and almost out of you rectum (but not completely, the rod will not allow it!). When you walk around the ball will wiggle inside – up&down and to the sides. If you sit down it will go deep inside. The “travel” distance is the length of your neck. The locked collar can slide up&down you neck, but not further. If the rod is made even longer, you will not be able to sit down at all.

One such device plus an ice-based time lock is enough to keep you in place, even if you are not bound. Think of, for example, an ice-lock tied out of your reach to a stationary object and to the steel rod. You won’t go anywhere until the ice will let you to.

Or lock the device to something (a wall, a bed) with a chain and a lock and wait until the keys are release by the ice in a stocking hanging from the ceiling.

Add some ropes, proper clothes, a hood and a gag – and you have a “full-scale” self-bondage session.

I want this thing!

2 thoughts on “Anal-hook locked to collar. Selfbondage ideas and scenarios”

  1. Working on an ice lock hog tie with balled anal hook at 1.5″ or 1.95″ dia depending how loose I feel at the time. Using a breathable 3 hole lockable silicone ballgag, attached to the anal hook. Trying to decide on what to wear, probably frilly panties and/or sissy clothing. Going to make a magic wand harness to my perineum that goes on for 1 min on, 1 min off using a digital power outlet timer. Combine a cock cage you got an hour of fun ahead of you. Note on clipping the last clasp. Using small caribeaners, keep it open with a wrapped rubber band, attach a string to it so you can pull it and close the clasp.

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