Bondage Awards 2012 and annual report

You may remember that was nominated in three categories. Here’s the result :

bondageAwards_3rdbondageAwards_honorable_mentionBest bondage How-To: 3d place
Best bondage blog: 7th place
Best free bondage web-site: no results yet

Thanks to all who voted! Without your support it could not have happened!

You may want to check all the results here. Voting is always a tricky balance between popularity and quality. To make the result closer to “the best” “a collection of previous award winners and industry professionals cast their vote.” Some of the top10 sites are truly remarkable, but some are nothing but cheap pr0n (IMHO). Go figure…

Another interesting thing is the blog annual report (blog only, no forum and no static pages). For example, in 2012 the blog was viewed 5,500,000 times. Not bad, eh? 😉

2 thoughts on “Bondage Awards 2012 and annual report”

  1. Yeah! Not a bad result oh mighty Ra!

    Well done and, as always, a huge thanks for all your time and effort in creating and running this site.


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